How to Set the SCSI ID. HP CD-WRITER Plus

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How to Set the SCSI ID. HP CD-WRITER Plus | Manualzz

6 How to Set the SCSI ID

The SCSI Card

A SCSI card (not included) and its software must be installed and functioning properly before installing the CD-Writer Plus. Consult the documentation that came with your SCSI card or your computer for details.

If you purchase a SCSI card (also known as a host adapter or SCSI board) for your computer make sure it is:



The SCSI Devices


Each device in a SCSI chain must have a different identifying number between 0 and 7 called the SCSI ID (SCSI ID 7 is usually reserved for the

SCSI card). The SCSI ID for external devices is often set with a switch on the back of the device.


The SCSI devices at either end of a chain must be terminated so the computer knows that there are no more devices in the chain. External devices are often terminated using a switch on the back of the device or connecting a resistor. The CD-Writer Plus adjusts its termination automatically.

If you do not have any internal devices, the SCSI card itself is one end of the chain and must be terminated. Most newer SCSI cards adjust their termination automatically.

How to Set the SCSI ID

Why might I need to change the SCSI ID?

A SCSI card may have several devices attached to form a SCSI chain. Each device in the chain must have a different SCSI ID. You will need to change the SCSI ID on the CD-Writer Plus if the ID set at the factory is already in use by another device.

How to Set the SCSI ID 7

What SCSI ID should I use for the CD-Writer Plus?

When you place Software Disc 1 in your CD-ROM and click Start

Installation , the software will check your system and recommend a

SCSI ID you can use on the CD-Writer Plus.


SCSI ID 3 is available.

Alternatively, if you have already installed the software, you can get a list of all the detected SCSI devices in your computer and the IDs they use.

Click the Start button on your taskbar, select Programs , HP CD-

Writer Plus , Utilities , and select List SCSI Devices . Choose an available SCSI ID for your CD-Writer Plus.


The following SCSI devices were detected:

0 --------------> Hard drive

1 --------------> CD-ROM

4 --------------> Tape drive

7 --------------> SCSI card

You could use SCSI ID 2, 3, 5, or 6 for your CD-Writer Plus.

How do I set the SCSI ID on the CD-Writer Plus once I know which SCSI ID to use?

Locate the SCSI ID switch on the back of the CD-Writer Plus. Use a pen to press the buttons on top or bottom of the SCSI ID switch. The ID setting will roll forward or backward, depending on the button you press.

View of the back of the drive showing the SCSI ID switch.


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