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Finding Information

NOTE: Some features or media may be optional and may not ship with your computer. Some features or media may not be available in certain countries.

NOTE: Additional information may ship with your computer.

What Are You Looking For?

• A diagnostic program for my computer

• Drivers for my computer

• Desktop System Software (DSS)

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Drivers and Utilities Disc

NOTE: The Drivers and Utilities disc may be optional and may not ship with your computer.

Documentation and drivers are already installed on your computer. You can use the Drivers and Utilities disc to reinstall drivers (see "Reinstalling Drivers and

Utilities" in your User’s Guide ), or to run

the Dell Diagnostics (see "Dell Diagnostics" on page 41).

Readme files may be included on your disc to provide last-minute updates about technical changes to your computer or advanced technical-reference material for technicians or experienced users.

Drivers and documentation updates can be found at


Quick Reference Guide 5

What Are You Looking For?

• Warranty information

• Terms and Conditions (U.S. only)

• Safety instructions

• Regulatory information

• Ergonomics information

• End User License Agreement

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Dell™ Product Information Guide

• How to remove and replace parts

• Specifications

• How to configure system settings

• How to troubleshoot and solve problems

Dell Precision™ User’s Guide





XP and Windows


Help and Support Center

1 Click Start → Help and Support →

Dell User and System Guides

System Guides .

2 Click the User’s Guide for your computer.

6 Quick Reference Guide

What Are You Looking For?

• Service Tag and Express Service Code

• Microsoft Windows Product Key

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Service Tag and Microsoft Windows

Product Key

These labels are located on your computer.

• Use the Service Tag to identify your computer when you use

or contact support.

• Enter the Express Service Code to direct your call when contacting support.

NOTE: As an increased security measure, the newly designed Microsoft Windows license label incorporates a missing portion, or hole , to discourage removal of the label.

Quick Reference Guide 7

What Are You Looking For?

Find It Here

• Solutions — Troubleshooting hints and tips, articles from technicians, online courses, and frequently asked questions

• Community — Online discussion with other Dell customers

• Upgrades — Upgrade information for components, such as the memory, hard drive, and operating system

Dell Support Website —

NOTE: segment to view the appropriate support site.

Select your region or business

• Customer Care — Contact information, service call and order status, and warranty and repair information

• Service and support — Service call status, support history, service contract, and online discussions with support

• Dell Technical Update Service —

Proactive e-mail notification of software and hardware updates for your computer

• Reference — Computer documentation, details on my computer configuration, product specifications, and white papers

• Downloads — Certified drivers, patches, and software updates

8 Quick Reference Guide

What Are You Looking For?

• How to use Windows XP

• How to use Windows Vista

• How to work with programs and files

• How to personalize my desktop

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• Desktop System Software (DSS)— If you reinstall the operating system for your computer, you should also reinstall the DSS utility. DSS automatically detects your computer and operating system and installs the updates appropriate for your configuration, providing critical updates for your operating system and support for processors, optical drives, USB devices, etc. DSS is necessary for correct operation of your Dell computer.

To download Desktop System Software:

1 Go to

, select your country/region, and then click Drivers

& Downloads .

2 Click Select Model or Enter a Tag , make the appropriate selections or enter the appropriate information for your computer, and then click Confirm .

3 Scroll down to System and

Configuration Utilities → Desktop

System Software , and then click

Download Now.


user interface may vary depending on your selections.

Windows Help and Support Center

1 Click Start → Help and Support .

2 Type a word or phrase that describes your problem and click the arrow icon.

3 Click the topic that describes your problem.

4 Follow the instructions on the screen.

Quick Reference Guide 9

What Are You Looking For?

Find It Here

• How to reinstall my operating system Operating System Media

The operating system is already installed on your computer. To reinstall your operating system, use the Operating

System reinstallation media that came with your computer (see "Restoring Your

Operating System" in your User’s Guide ).

After you reinstall your operating system, use the optional Drivers and Utilities disc to reinstall drivers for the devices that came with your computer

Your operating system product key label is located on your computer.

NOTE: The color of your operating system installation media varies according to the operating system you ordered.

• How to use Linux

• E-mail discussions with users of Dell

Precision products and the Linux operating system

• Additional information regarding Linux and my Dell Precision computer

Dell Supported Linux Sites



10 Quick Reference Guide


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