4.3 Circuit Configuration. Fujitsu MPE3XXXAT

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4.3 Circuit Configuration. Fujitsu MPE3XXXAT | Manualzz


Circuit Configuration

Figure 4.2 shows the disk drive circuit configuration.

(1) Read/write circuit

The read/write circuit consists of two LSIs; read/write preamplifier (PreAMP) and read channel (RDC).

The PreAMP consists of the write current switch circuit, that flows the write current to the head coil, and the voltage amplifier circuit, that amplitudes the read output from the head.

The RDC is the read demodulation circuit using the Extended Partial Response Class 4

(EPR4), and contains the Viterbi detector, programmable filter, adaptable transversal filter, times base generator, and data separator circuits. The RDC also contains the 16/17 group coded recording (GCR) encoder and decoder and servo demodulation circuit.

(2) Servo circuit

The position and speed of the voice coil motor are controlled by 2 closed-loop servo using the servo information recorded on the data surface. The servo information is an analog signal converted to digital for processing by a MPU and then reconverted to an analog signal for control of the voice coil motor.

(3) Spindle motor driver circuit

The circuit measures the interval of a PHASE signal generated by counter-electromotive voltage of a motor, or servo mark at the MPU and controls the motor speed comparing target speed.

(4) Controller circuit

Major functions are listed below.

Data buffer management

ATA interface control and data transfer control

Sector format control

Defect management

ECC control

Error recovery and self-diagnosis

C141-E077-01EN 4 - 5

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Figure 4.2

MPE3xxxAT Block diagram



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