Usage Precautions. Panasonic CF-VDR732U

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Usage Precautions

Do not place items other than discs on the tray.

Do not leave the tray in the open position or touch the lens.

Under some conditions, dust may build up on the lens, or on a disc. This may result in a read or write malfunction.

Do not apply excessive force to the tray in the open position, doing so could damage the tray.

Do not open the drive or move the computer while the drive is being accessed.

Doing so could cause it to malfunction.

In addition, after running an application involving access to a disc, do not open the drive or remove the disc until the application has been closed.

After the tray closes or the computer resumes operation from the standby/hibernation modes, do not access the drive until the multimedia pocket device status indicator goes off.

Do not expose the drive to excessive smoke that may leave a residue, i.e. oil smoke, or tobacco smoke. Doing so could shorten the life of the drive lens.

We recommend cleaning the drive lens with an air puffer used for camera lenses. (Do not use any spray-type of lens cleaning products.)

Never insert foreign objects such as paper clips into the drive. Doing so could cause it to malfunction.

Do not use any discs that have become deformed, warped, or are not completely round.

In the case of DVD-RAM, only non-cartridge discs or removable cartridge discs can be used.

For AutoPlay CDs:

• If an AutoPlay CD does not start after the computer resumes from the standby or hibernation modes, remove the disc from the drive, then reinsert the disc again after a 15 second wait.

• An AutoPlay CD may start during file access, depending on the status of the disc.



Usage Precautions


Handling Discs with Care:

Before using discs, carefully read through the Operating Instructions, the instructions for handling the discs, and whatever is written on the disc packaging.

If the discs are not handled properly, they may become dirty or scratched, the writing speed may be reduced or data may not be recorded or played back properly. Other damage may result including drive failures.

Keep the following precautions.

Do not touch the data surface.

Keep the disc surfaces clean and free from dirt, dust and fingerprints, and do not allow them to become scratched.

Do not write on the surface of the disc with a ballpoint pen or other writing instrument nor paste any paper to it.

Do not drop, bend, or place heavy objects on top of discs.

Do not place or store discs in locations exposed to heat, direct sunlight, humidity or dust.

If the disc is brought from a cold into a warm environment, moisture may form on the disc. Wipe this moisture off with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth before using the disc.

When discs are not actually being used, make sure to keep them inside their protective cases or cartridges.

If the disc becomes dirty, clean it with the followings.

To remove dirt from a disc

<For read-only discs>

Wipe a disc with a dry, soft cloth from the center toward the edges.

If the disc heavily gets dirty, wipe a disc with a moist, soft cloth from the center toward the edges, and then wipe it again with a dry cloth to take up remaining moisture.

<For recordable/rewritable discs>

Use the Panasonic disc cleaner to clean these discs.

Do not use a cloth, CD cleaners or any other such cleaners under any circumstances.

How to hold the disc



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