WinDVD. Panasonic CF-VDR732U

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WinDVD is a software application for DVD playback.

Here, you will find explanations and general information on the installation procedure and how to access the online manual.

Installing WinDVD


Close all other software application before running the Setup program for WinDVD for added safety.

Log on to Windows with the administrator authority.

Depending on the computer, preparatory steps may be necessary before installation. Before installing the application, be sure to read the Operating Instructions or Reference Manual of the computer.

1 Insert the drive into the multimedia pocket. (

2 Set “DVD Drive Utility Disc” in the drive.

Windows XP

“ Multimedia Pocket ” )

[Utility Setup tool] screen will appear (allow some time for disc recognition).

When the setup program will not run automatically, input [x:\setuputil.exe]* 1 in [start] -

[Run] and select [OK].

Windows 2000

At the message, select [OK]. [Utility Setup tool] screen will appear (allow some time for disc recognition).

When the setup program will not run automatically, input [x:\setuputil.exe]* 1 in [Start] -

[Run] and select [OK]. At the message, select [OK].

* 1 “x” is the drive letter. You can change the letter to suit your preference.

3 Select [WinDVD Setup].

4 Select [Next] at the Welcome Message.

5 After reading the “ License Agreement ” * 2 , select [Yes] if you agree to the terms.

* 2 Refer to the


on the Operating Instructions of the computer.

6 Follow the on-screen instructions and install WinDVD.


Running WinDVD

You can run WinDVD using either of the following procedures.

Double-click on the desktop.

Windows XP

Select [start] - [All Programs] - [InterVideo WinDVD] - [InterVideo WinDVD].

Windows 2000

Select [Start] - [Programs] - [InterVideo WinDVD] - [InterVideo WinDVD].

<How to access the online manual>

Select “ ?

” of the WinDVD control panel.

Right-click on the WinDVD screen and select [Help].





Do not enter the standby or hibernation mode, or switch the display by pressing

Fn + F3 while WinDVD is running.

Do not start WinDVD while the hard disk drive indicator is blinking immediately after the computer was started up.

During video playback, do not perform the following.

Ejecting the disc

• Using other applications or the Command Prompt

• Changing the settings of the screen properties

If you maximize the video display window, you can return to the original window size by double-clicking over the images.

When the number of display colors is increased, a message appears and the DVD cannot be played:

• Reduce the number of display colors.

• Windows XP

Right-click on the desktop, select [Properties] - [Settings] - [Advanced] - [Troubleshoot] and maximize the value of Hardware acceleration.

Windows 2000

Right-click on the desktop, select [Properties] - [Settings] - [Advanced] - [Troubleshooting] and maximize the value of Hardware acceleration.

Immediately after resuming from a pause, frame dropping may occur depending on the operating environment or DVD-video (images or sounds are disrupted).

In the Extended Desktop or simultaneous (internal/external) display mode, there are times when images or video are not displayed correctly.

During a prolonged period of rapid advance, the pause mode may be established at some point. If this happens, exit WinDVD, and restart.

Before using the capture function in WinDVD, first remove the checkmark from

[Use Hardware Decode Acceleration].

(To display the [Use Hardware Decode Acceleration] setting screen, right-click on the WinDVD screen, and select [Setup] - [Video].)



Take steps to ensure that no other player software is allowed to coexist with WinDVD.

It may not be possible to play images properly if any player software other than WinDVD is installed. There are some DVD-Videos available on the market that work by installing their own player software when they are played. In the case of such a DVD, be absolutely sure to abort the installation of the player software as soon as the installation start screen appears. If the software is installed by mistake and the images cannot be played properly, take the following action and see if it remedies the situation.

• Uninstall the DVD’s player software which has been installed.

(Refer to the DVD-Video’s instructions for the name of the player software which is to be uninstalled.)

Windows XP

Uninstall the player software by selecting [start] - [Control Panel] - [Add or Remove Programs].

Windows 2000

Uninstall the player software by selecting [Start] - [Settings] - [Control Panel] -

[Add/Remove Programs].

• Specify WinDVD if the DVD’s player software settings enable WinDVD to be specified for playing the DVD.


Play of a DVD Created with the DVD Recorder

Playable DVD media: DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW

However, the following restrictions apply.

In order to play DVD-R and DVD-RW, they must be finalized (a process that enables it to play on other DVD players etc.). For information on the finalizing method used by your

DVD recorder, refer to its operating instructions.

DVD-RW recorded in the VR format can be played with the administrator authority only.

Depending on the DVD recorder or the manufacturer of the media used for creation, it may not be playable.

Media in which digital broadcasts have been recorded using copyright management technologies such as CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) cannot be played back.

DVD-Audio cannot be played back on WinDVD.


If WinDVD does not operate properly, we recommend carefully reading the online help file first for problems with the operating environment or operations.

If you still cannot troubleshoot the problem, enter the required information in the inquiry form on the InterVideo, Inc. homepage (, and submit the form.



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