3 How To Get Started. MSI GF63 Thin (Intel® 9th Gen) (GeForce® GTX), MS-16J2, GF65 THIN (Intel® 9th Gen) (GeForce® GTX), GE62, Modern 14A (Intel® 10th Gen), MS-16J1, GE72, PRO 24X 10M, MS-1792, GE72 Apache (GTX 965M)

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3 How To Get Started. MSI GF63 Thin (Intel® 9th Gen) (GeForce® GTX), MS-16J2, GF65 THIN (Intel® 9th Gen) (GeForce® GTX), GE62, Modern 14A (Intel® 10th Gen), MS-16J1, GE72, PRO 24X 10M, MS-1792, GE72 Apache (GTX 965M) | Manualzz

• To prevent explosion caused by improper battery replacement, use the same or equivalent type of battery recommended by the manufacturer only.

• Always keep the battery in a safe place.

When installing the coaxial cable to the TV Tuner, it is necessary to ensure that the metal shield is reliable connected to protective earthing system of the building.

Never pour liquid into the opening that could damage the equipment or cause an electrical shock.

If any of the following situations arises, get the equipment checked by a service personnel:

• The power cord or plug is damaged.

• Liquid has penetrated into the equipment.

• The equipment has been exposed to moisture.

• The equipment has not worked well or you can not get it work according to User’s Manual.

• The equipment was dropped and damaged.

• The equipment has obvious signs of breakage.

Green Product Features

• Reduced energy consumption during use and stand-by

• Limited use of substances harmful to the environment and health

• Easily dismantled and recycled

• Reduced use of natural resources by encouraging recycling

• Extended product lifetime through easy upgrades

• Reduced solid waste production through take-back policy

Environmental Policy

• The product has been designed to enable proper reuse of parts and recycling and should not be thrown away

• Users should contact the local authorized point of collection for recycling and disposing of their end-of-life products.


MSI Highlights

Explore more about MSI highlights at http://www.msi.com and https://www.youtube.com/user/MSIGamingGlobal

SteelSeries Engine only in MSI GAMING notebook

MSI collaborates with SteelSeries to develop an exclusive

SteelSeries Engine in gaming notebooks. SteelSeries

Engine is the Apps to combine all frequent functions for gamers in multiple devices management.

MSI GAMING Notebook is the first gaming Notebook featuring XSplit Gamecaster live stream app!

MSI gaming notebook features XSplit Gamecaster, the easiest live streaming and recording solution for gamers.

See the basic tutorial of Xsplit Gamecaster.

Sound by Dynaudio on MSI Gaming Notebooks

MSI partners with Dynaudio, the Danish sound specialists, in its gaming notebooks to present you an authentic fidelity audio performance.


Optical Disc Drive Notice

CAUTION: This appliance contains a laser system and is classified as a “CLASS

1 LASER PRODUCT.” To use this model properly, read the instruction manual carefully and keep this manual for your future reference. In case of any trouble with this model, please contact your nearest “AUTHORIZED service station.” To prevent direct exposure to the laser beam, do not try to disassemble the enclosure.


▶ All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

▶ THX and THX TruStudio Pro are trademarks of THX Ltd. which may be registered in some jurisdictions. All rights reserved.

▶ Sound Blaster ® is registered trademark of Creative Technology Ltd.

Revision History

▶ Version: 1.0

▶ Date: 02, 2015




Congratulations on becoming an user of this notebook, the finely designed notebook. You will have a delightful and professional experience in using this exquisite notebook. We are proud to tell users that this notebook is thoroughly tested and certified by our reputation for unsurpassed dependability and customer satisfaction.

Manual Map

This User’s Manual provides instructions and illustrations on how to operate this notebook. It is recommended to read this manual carefully before using this notebook.

Chapter 1, Preface, gives users the basic safety information and caution that is interrelated to using this notebook.

Chapter 2, Introductions, gives the brief introductions to the notebook, including overviews, function buttons, quick launch buttons, connectors, LEDs, etc..

Chapter 3, How to Get Started, gives the basic operation instructions to help users getting familiar with this notebook.


First, unpack the shipping carton and check all items carefully. If any item contained is damaged or missing, please contact your local dealer immediately. Also, keep the box and packing materials in case you need to ship the unit in the future. The package should contain the following items:

▶ Notebook

▶ Quick Start Guide

▶ AC/DC adapter and AC power cord

▶ Carry bag (optional)

▶ All-in-one application disk, containing the full version of user’s manual, drivers, utilities, and optional recovery function, etc..


Product Overview

This section provides the description of basic aspects of the notebook. It will help you to know more about the appearance of this notebook before using it. Please be aware that the figures shown here are for reference only.

Top-open View

The figure of top-open view and description shown below will lead you to browse the main operating area of your notebook.


1. Webcam/ Webcam LED/ Internal Microphone

• This built-in webcam can be used for picture taking, video recording or conferencing, and any other interactive applications.

• Webcam LED indicator, next to the webcam, glows when webcam function is activated; LED goes out when this function is turned off.

• The built-in microphone and its function is the same with microphone.

2. Quick Launch Buttons

Use the quick launch buttons to activate the specific applications or tools. The following quick launch buttons will only be functional in the operating system with the SCM application installed. Find the SCM application in the all-in-one disk that comes with the package for easy and convenient operation. It is strongly recommended to install the SCM application.

Cooler Boost

• Use this button to maximize the fan speed to cool down the overall temperature of the notebook.

• Button LED glows when the fan speed is set to maximum level; LED goes off when AUTO mode is selected.




• This notebook may be pre-installed a unique keyboard manager application, SSE (SteelSeries Engine). With this application, users will be able to own several combinations of keyboard hot keys defined separately for specific occasions.

• Use this button to bring up the SSE user interface.

• If the notebook doesn't have the SSE application pre-installed, this button will be used to change the keyboard brightness status.

Power Button

• Use this button to turn the notebook power ON and


• Use this button to awake the notebook from the sleep state.

Power LED

• LED glows when the notebook power is turned on.

• LED goes off when the notebook is turned off.


3. Touchpad

This is the pointing device of the notebook.

4. Keyboard

The built-in keyboard provides all the functions of a full-sized keyboard.

Quick Launch [Fn] Keys

Use the [Fn] keys on the keyboard to activate the specific applications or tools.

With the help of these keys, users will be able to do work more efficiently.

The following keys will only be functional in the operating system with the SCM application installed.



Gaming Center or

User Defined


• This notebook may be pre-installed with a gaming utility, Dragon Gaming Center , providing users an astonished and efficient solution in game playing.

• With Dragon Gaming Center pre-installed, press and hold the Fn key, and then press the F4 key to bring up the tab of [Instant Play: Play Key Setting] to define the quick launch button for launching a particular application. Once the setting has been made, press

Fn and F4 keys to launch the appointed application. If users left this button undefined, press Fn and F4 keys will again bring up the tab of [Instant Play: Play Key


• However, if Dragon Gaming Center is not installed or removed, press both Fn and F4 keys to launch the

User Defined application.


ECO Engine

(Power Saving)

• Press and hold the Fn key, and then press the F5 key repeatedly to switch among various power saving modes provided by ECO Engine , or to turn this function off recurrently.



• Press and hold the Fn key, and then press the F6 key to turn the Webcam function on. Press again to turn it off.




• Press and hold the Fn key, and then press the F7 key to switch among Sport / Comfort / Green modes and shift the performance.

• This function will only be activated when AC Power is plugged-in, and the default setting is Sport mode.


Airplane mode

• Press and hold the Fn key, and then press the F10 key repeatedly to turn Airplane mode on or off recurrently.

• For flight safety consideration, it is always recommended to turn Airplane mode on when you are in flight.

• Refer to the Airplane mode switch icon under [ Start/

Settings/ Change PC Settings/ Network / Airplane mode] on the desktop to check the device status.


Front Side View

1. Stereo Speakers

Give high quality sound blaster with stereo system and Hi-Fi function supported.

2. Status LED


Wireless LAN (WiFi)

• LED glows when Wireless LAN (WiFi) function is enabled.

• LED goes out when this function is disabled.

Battery Status

• LED glows when the battery is being charged.

• Continuously blinking if the battery fails and it is recommended to replace a new battery.

• Consult the local dealer for purchasing an equivalent type of battery recommended by the manufacturer.

• Battery LED goes out when it is fully charged or when the AC/DC adapter is disconnected.

Drive Activity Indicator

LED blinks when the system is accessing the internal storage drives .


Right Side View

1. Optical Disc Drive

This notebook is equipped with an optical disc drive. The actual device preinstalled in the notebook depends on the model you purchased.

2. Card Reader

The built-in card reader may support SD3.0 (Secure Digital) card. Contact the local dealer for further and correct information and be noted that the supported memory cards may vary without notice.

3. USB 2.0 Port

The USB 2.0 port allows you to connect USB-interface peripheral devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, modem, portable hard disk module, printer, etc..

4. Power Connector

This connector is to connect the AC/DC adapter and supply power for the notebook.


Left Side View

1. Kensington Lock

This notebook provides a Kensington lock hole, which allows users to secure the notebook in place with a key or some mechanical PIN device and attached through a rubberized metal cable. The end of the cable has a small loop which allows the whole cable to be looped around a permanent object, such as a heavy table or other similar equipment, thus securing the notebook in place.

2. USB 3.0 Port/ Super Charger USB Port

USB 3.0, the SuperSpeed USB, delivers the higher interface speeds for connecting various devices, such as storage devices, hard drives, or video cameras, and offers more advantages over high-speed data transferring.

Super Charger USB port provides faster power charging function for Apple devices when the notebook is in power off mode.

3. Mini-DisplayPort

The Mini-DisplayPort is a miniaturized version of the DisplayPort, with a suitable adapter, the Mini-DisplayPort may be used to drive displays with a VGA, DVI or

HDMI interface.

4. Audio Port Connectors

Make high quality sound blaster with stereo system and Hi-Fi function supported.


Used for an external microphone.


A connector for speakers or headphones.


5. RJ-45 Connector

The 10/100/1000 Ethernet connector is used to connect a LAN cable for network connection.

6. HDMI Connector

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a new interface standard for PCs, displays and consumer electronics devices that supports standard, enhanced and high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable.

7. USB 3.0 Ports

USB 3.0, the SuperSpeed USB, delivers the higher interface speeds for connecting various devices, such as storage devices, hard drives, or video cameras, and offers more advantages over high-speed data transferring.


Rear Side View

1. Ventilator

The ventilator is designed to cool the system. DO NOT block the ventilator for air circulation.


Bottom Side View

1. Ventilator

The ventilator is designed to cool the system. DO NOT block the ventilator for air circulation.

2. Woofer Speaker

The woofer speaker is to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass.



The specification may change without notice. The actual products sold are different from areas. Please check the detailed specification with your local dealers.

Physical Characteristic


383 (W) x 260 (D) x 27-29 (H) mm (15.6")

419.9 (W) x 287.8 (D) x 29.8-32 (H) mm (17.3")


2.4 kg with battery (15.6")

2.7 kg with battery (17.3")



Processor Type



Core Chip







AC/DC Adapter (1)



Intel ® Quad/ Dual Core processor


Intel ® Lynx Point HM87

DDR3L 1600MHz

SO-DIMM slots x 2 up to 16GB

AC/DC Adapter (2)


Battery Type

RTC Battery

150W, 19.5V

Input: 100~240V 50~60Hz

Output: 19.5V 7.7A

120W, 19.5V

Input: 100~240V 50~60Hz

Output: 19.5V 6.15A





(items listed here may very without notice)

HDD form factor 2.5" HDD

SSD (optional) M.2 2280 SSD

Optical Drive Device


I/O Port

Super Multi / Blu-ray/ BD Writer







Card Reader x 3 (version 3.0) x 1 (version 2.0) x 1 x 1 (S/PDIF-Out supported) x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 (SD3.0)

The supported memory cards may vary without notice.

Communication Port

LAN 10/ 100/ 1000Mb Ethernet

Wireless LAN





LCD Type


15.6"/ 17.3" FHD

Embedded DisplayPort™ (eDP™)

4K display



Controlled by K/B hot-keys



NVIDIA ® GeForce ® discrete graphics with NVIDIA ®

Optimus™ supported

GDDR5, based on GPU structure


HDMI output

DisplayPort output

HD CMOS Camera




Multi-Display Function Supported



Internal Speaker

Sound Volume

Software & BIOS

USB Flash Boot


4 speakers + 1 woofer

Adjusted by keyboard hot-key and switches.

USB floppy and USB flash boot up DOS

Fast Boot Support


Compatibility WHQL

Kensington Lock Hole x 1




How To Get Started

Begin to Use the Notebook

For a new user of this notebook, we would like to suggest you follow the illustrations below to begin to use the notebook.


How to Use the Notebook Safely

If you are a beginner to the notebook, please read the following instructions to assure your own safety, and make yourself comfortable during the operations.

▶ Your work area should have enough illumination.

▶ Choose an ergonomic chair and have it adjusted for your height.

▶ Adjust the backrest to support your lower back comfortably when you are sitting upright.

▶ Place your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent to a 90 degrees.

▶ Adjust the angle/position of the LCD panel to have an optimal view.

▶ Use your notebook where you find easy to stay more comfortable position.

▶ Change your sitting posture often.

▶ Stretch and exercise your body regularly.

▶ Remember to take a break after working for a period of time.



38-76 cm


How to Manage Power Supply

This section provides users basic safety precautions to take when using an AC/DC adapter and battery power properly.

AC/DC Adapter

To safely and properly power on a notebook, it is strongly recommended to connect the supplied power adapter before turning it on for the first time. Below are some

Do's and Don'ts of an AC/DC adapter.

▶ DOs

• Use the adapter that shipped with your notebook only.

• Always be aware of heat coming from the in use AC/DC adapter.

• Consult the dealer or an experienced radio TV technician for help.

▶ DON'Ts

• Use other adapter of other brand since it may damage the notebook or devices attached to it.

• Cover an in-use adapter since it can generate heat.

Battery Power

This notebook is equipped with a high-capacity Li-Polymer battery pack. The rechargeable Li-Polymer battery pack is an internal power source of the notebook.

Be aware of that this battery pack may not be replaced by users.

▶ Conserving Battery Power

Efficient battery power is critical to maintain normal operation. If the battery power is not managed well, the saved data and customized settings may be lost. To optimize battery life and avoid a sudden power loss, read the tips below:

• Suspend system operation if the system will be idle for a while or shorten the suspend timer’s time period.

• Turn off the system if you won’t be using it for a period of time.

• Disable unnecessary settings or remove idle peripherals.

• Connect an AC/DC adapter to the system whenever possible.


▶ Charging the Battery Pack

The battery pack can be recharged while it is installed in the notebook. Please pay attention to the following tips before recharging the battery:

• If a charged battery pack is not available, save your work and close all running programs and shut down the system.

• Plug in an external AC/DC adapter.

• You can use the system, suspend system operation or shut down and turn off the system without interrupting the charging process.

• The Li-Polymer battery has no memory effect. It is unnecessary to discharge the battery before recharging. However, to optimize the life of battery, we suggest that consuming the battery power completely once a month is necessary.

• The actual charging time will be determined by the applications in use.


How to Set Up Power Plan in Windows

Below steps show you how to save battery power for your notebook by using a power-saving plan. Follow the instructions below to adjust the power management settings in Windows OS:

Power Options in Windows OS allows you to control the power management features of your display, hard drive, and battery.

1. Drag the mouse cursor to the left corner of the screen and [Start] icon will show up. Right click the icon to show selection menu. Select [Control Panel] in the menu.

2. Click [System and Security].

3. Click [Power Options].

4. Then select a power plan that meets your personal needs.

5. The Power icon will present options. You can wake up your computer from power saving mode by clicking the power button.




Key Features

  • 11th Gen Intel Core processor for powerful performance
  • 15.6" Full HD display for stunning visuals
  • Backlit keyboard for easy typing in low-light conditions
  • Variety of ports and slots for easy connectivity
  • Long battery life for all-day productivity

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I adjust the sound levels of the speakers?
Press the Fn + F8 or Fn + F9 keys to adjust the sound levels of the speakers.
How do I adjust the brightness levels of the keyboard backlight LEDs?
Press the Fn + F10 or Fn + F11 keys to adjust the brightness levels of the keyboard backlight LEDs.
How do I disable or enable the touchpad?
Press the Fn + F3 key to disable or enable the touchpad.
How do I enter Sleep mode?
Press the Fn + F1 key to enter Sleep mode.
How do I switch the display?
Press the Fn + F7 key to switch the display.
How do I use the Windows key?
Press the Windows key to open the Start menu.


Table of contents