ERA770A Eng Instr Man


This POS terminal is provided with an LCD operator display.

Operator display

The display can be tilted to the best viewing angle.


Do not try to force the display beyond its full opened position.


• Screen example 1 (REG mode)


Mode name

Merchandise subtotal excluding taxes


Sales amount including taxes

Server code

Server name

Sentinel mark (X):

Appears in the lower right corner of the screen when the cash in drawer exceeds a programmed sentinel amount. The sentinel check is performed for the total cash in drawer.

Receipt ON/OFF status indicator (R):

Appears when the receipt ON-OFF function signs

OFF. Disappears when the function signs ON.

Numeric entry:

Entered figures appear

at the cursor position.

Menu level shift indicator (L1~L10):

Shows the menu level currently selected.

Received media type

Price level shift indicator (P1~P5):

Shows the PLU price level currently selected.


In the REG mode, it shows sales information you have just entered such as items, tax amounts and media types.

• Screen example 2 (PGM2 mode)


Mode name


In the PGM mode, programmable items are listed.

Caps lock indicator (A/a):

The upper-case letter “A” appears when

Caps Lock is on, and the lower-case letter “a” appears when Caps Lock is off during text programming.

Double-size character mode indicator (W):

Appears when the double-size character mode is selected during text programming.

Screen save mode

To save the electrical power or the display’s life, your POS terminal is provided with the screen save function. This function can turn the LCD backlight off when the POS terminal is left idle for an extended period of time. You can program the time for which your POS terminal should keep the normal status (in which the backlight is “ON”) before it goes into the screen save mode. If the time has not been preset, the display backlight will turn off after 100 minutes.

To exit the screen save mode, press a key.


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