ERA770A Eng Instr Man

ERA770A Eng Instr Man

Backup Data Receive Programming

Use the following procedure to select the menu option “19 BACKUP RECEIVE”:


For more information, please consult your authorized SHARP dealer.

Backup data receive

Your POS terminal can receive data from another device.

Program the item as follows:

• SPEED (Use the selective entry)

Select one of the following options (data transmission speeds):

PROGRAMMED SPEED: Receives data at a programmed speed.

115200bps: Receives data at 115200 bps.

57600bps: Receives data at 57600 bps.

38400bps: Receives data at 38400 bps.

19200bps: Receives data at 19200 bps.

9600bps: Receives data at 9600 bps.

4800bps: Receives data at 4800 bps.

2400bps: Receives data at 2400 bps.

CAUTION: The receiving unit must have equal or greater memories than the terminal sending the program.


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