ERA770A Eng Instr Man

ERA770A Eng Instr Man

Unit Price Mode Programming

The UNIT PRICE mode programming is chiefly used for daily changes of the PLU’s unit price by supervisor or manager.

To program a unit price of the PLU as follows:


Select “7 UNIT PRICE MODE” from the mode selection window.

• The UNIT PRICE MODE window will appear.


Select any PLU number from the list.


Program a unit price for corresponding price level.

• *PRICE1 thru 5 (Use the numeric entry)

Unit price of each price level (max. 6 digits)



On the sample screen, the price level 1 setting only is shown. Depending on the default settings, you may see the price level 1 through 5 settings on the screen. Please consult your authorized SHARP dealer for more details.


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