Browser. Asus ZenPad Z8 ‏(ZT581KL, Verizon exclusive)

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Work hard, play harder

Work hard, play harder



Your browser’s state-of-the-art Chromium-based engine lets you surf the Internet at a fast loading speed.


Before doing any Internet surfing or Internet-related activities, ensure that your ASUS

Tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi network. For more details, see the Staying connected section.

Launching the Chrome app

From your Home screen, tap .

Adding a new tab

Hide the current website and open a new window to continue surfing or browsing another website.

1. From the current page, tap > New tab or tap beside the current tab.

2. Enter the URL address in the URL field and continue enjoying browsing the Internet from your

ASUS Tablet.

3. If you want to do add another tab, follow step 1 again.


• Opening many websites in your browser slows down its loading performance.

• If Internet connection slows down, try clearing the cache. For details, refer to section Clearing the browser cache .

Bookmarking pages

Bookmark your favorite pages or websites so you can go back and browse them again.

To bookmark a page:

From the page, tap > bookmarks . The next time you open your browser, you can quickly tap on your bookmarked page.

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