Unpack Your DVD Recorder. GoVideo R6540

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Unpack Your DVD Recorder. GoVideo R6540 | Manualzz

Unpack Your DVD Recorder

• R6540 DVD recorder (1)

• Remote control (1)

• 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (2)

• Audio/video cable (1)

• RF (Antenna) cable (1)

• User’s guide (1)

• Quick reference guide (1)

• Warranty registration card (1)

• DVD+RW disc (1)

Insert Remote Control



Remove battery cover on back of remote control.


Insert two 1.5V AAA batteries, paying attention to the correct polarities (+/-).


Replace cover.

In case warranty service is required, please take a moment to attach your receipt to this manual and write down your Serial Number, located on the back panel of the DVD Recorder: __________________________________.

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