1.3 NVIDIA RAID Features. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2

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1.3 NVIDIA RAID Features. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2 | Manualzz

1.3 NVIDIA RAID Features w Free Disk and Dedicated Spare Disk

A Free Disk or Dedicated Disk can be automatically used in case one drive of a faulttolerant array fails. NVIDIA MediaShield drfines a fault-tolerant array as either RAID 1,RAID 0+1, or RAID5. A free disk can be used by any available fault-tolerant array,while a dedicated disk can be used only by the array to which it is assigned.

w Bootable RAID

This allows you to install the operating system onto the RAID volume.

w Migrating

Migrating is the ability to convert from one RAID mode to another

RAID mode. This allows the user to upgrade their current disk or array for better performance, higher security, and increased capacity.

More importantly, this is a accomplished without having to go through multiple steps. The migrating feature gives the user an upgradeable option to manage storage easily.

w Hot Plug Array

A nice flexibility feature is the ability to move MediaShield RAID arrays from one nForce system to another. Since most nForce systems support SATA hot plug capability, you can add/remove a

RAID array even shile the system is running. This is done using the

Hot Plug Array wizard.



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