Installing the RAID Drivers. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2

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Installing the RAID Drivers. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2 | Manualzz

Installing the RAID Drivers

1. After you complete the RAID BIOS setup, boot from the Windows CD. The Windows Setup program starts.

2. Press F6 and wait a few moments for the Windows Setup screen to appear.

Figure 2.19 Windows Setup— Specify Devices

3. Specify the NVIDIA drivers.

a. Insert the floppy that has the RAID driver, press S , then press Enter. The following Windows Setup screen appears:

Figure 2.20 Windows Setup— Select SCSI Adapter


b. Select “NVIDIA RAID CLASS DRIVER”, then press Enter .

c. Press S again at the Specify Devices screen, then press Enter .

d. Select “NVIDIA NForce Storage Controller”, then press Enter .

The following Windows Setup screen appears listing both drivers:


Figure 2.21 Windows Setup— NVIDIA drivers listed

4. Press Enter to continue with Windows XP Installation.

Be sure to leave the floppy disk inserted in the floppy drive until the blue screen portion of Windows XP installation is completed, then take out the floppy.

5. Follow the instructions on how to install Windows XP.

After Windows XP is completely installed, it its recommended that you install the ForceWare software in order to access the

MediaShield RAID Management tool.

Note : Each time you add a new hard drive to a RAID array, the RAID driver will have to be installed under Windows once for that hard drive.

After that, the driver will not have to be installed.


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