More About Rebuilding Arrays. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2

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More About Rebuilding Arrays. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2 | Manualzz

More About Rebuilding Arrays w Rebuilding Occurs in the Background

The rebuilding process is very slow (it can take up to a day) and occurs in the background so as not to affect the performance of the system.

w Rebuilding Applies Only to RAID 1, RAID 0+1 or RAID 5


Rebuilding an array works only when using RAID1, RAID 0+1 and/or RAID 5. Rebuilding does not apply to RAID 0 and JBOD arrays.


You Can Use Any Available Free Disk

You can rebuild a mirrored array using any available Free Disk or

Dedicated Disk.

For example, Figure 3.28 shows a mirrored array using 34.48 GB

HD while having two Free Disks each 55.90 GB large.


Figure 3.28 Free Disks Available for Rebuilding

To use one of these avialable free disks to rebuild your array, follow the same steps as explained in “Rebuilding a RAID Mirrored Array” on page 45, except when prompted to select a disk, choose one of the two available free disks.


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