4.2 RAID ROM Setup Questions. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2

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4.2 RAID ROM Setup Questions. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2 | Manualzz

4.2 RAID ROM Setup Questions w Why can I not get into the RAID ROM Setup?

You must enable RAID functionality in the system BIOS as explained in “Setting Up the BIOS” on page 12.

w Why do my hard drives not appear in the RAID ROM Setup?

From the RAID Config window, you must enable RAID and then enable the disks that you want to use as RAID disks. See “Setting Up the BIOS” on page 12 for more information.

w What is the Optimal Block Size in the RAID ROM Setup?

The default optimal block size is 32KB. NVIDIA recommends using the optimal block size.

w What does BBS stand for in the RAID ROM [F10] setup?

BBS stands for BIOS Boot Specification. This indicates that the boot device is defined in the BIOS.

w What does “Clear Disk” mean in the RAID ROM Setup?

Clear Disk clears the MBR (Master Boot Record). This is needed to prevent invalid data from appearing in the MBR space on any of the drives included in the array. Not doing so could render the system unstable.

4.3 Rebuilding Arrays Questions w Why does the RAID rebuilding process take so long to com plete?

In the rebuilding process, all data is copied from one hard drive to another and then the data is synchronized between the two hard drives. Because the rebuilding process occurs in the background in a way that does not affect system performance, the process can be very slow— taking up to a day or more to complete.

See “Rebuilding a RAID M irrored Array” on page 45 for more information.



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