W indows 2000 Limitation with Bootable RAID. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2

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W indows 2000 Limitation with Bootable RAID. Shuttle SN27P2, SN27P2 V2 | Manualzz

Windows 2000 Limition with Bootable RAID


In Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2 or previous versions), the end user cannot install this operating system to a bootable RAID volume.


There are two solutions to resolve this issue, described as follows:

Use the NVRAIDMAN Tool

Use the NVRAID Tool (nForce Driver Version 5.xx) to convert the boot volume to a RAID array. The following are step by step instructions.

1. Install Windows 2000 on a selected hard drive.

2. Download and install Windows 2000 Service Pack 4

from Microsoft’s website.

3. Reboot the system.

4. Press the DEL key as the system is rebooting to enter

into the system BIOS.

5. Select Integrated Peripherals menu.

6. Select the RAID Config menu.

7. Enable RAID for the selected drive (the one containing

the Windows 2000 operating system).

8. Press F10 to exit and save settings in the system

BIOS. This action reboots the System.

9. Press F10 as the system is rebooting to go into the

RAID ROM. The system directs you into the NVIDIA

RAID Utility.

10. Select Striping under RAID Mode.



11. Press TAB to go into the Free Disk menu.

12. Use the Right Arrow key to add the desired disk.

13. Press F7 to finish.

14. Select N(NO) when asked to Clear Disk Data.

15. Press Ctrl-X to exit. The system reboots into Win-

dows 2000.

16. Install the NVIDIA nForce Driver Package while in

Windows 2000.

17. Reboot the system.

18. Go to START>Programs>Nvidia Corporation and

select NVRAID Manager. You should see the single

disk RAID array (in striping mode) that was created

from the boot disk.

19. Select the single boot disk RAID Array by clicking on


20. Select Convert Array under the System Tasks. The

Convert Array wizard is displayed.

21. Select Next.

22. Select the desired type of RAID array you want to


23. Select Nest. You are prompted to select the desired

Free Disk(s) to add to the bootable RAID array.

24. Click Finish. At this point, NVRAID starts converting

the single disk RAID array into a multi-disk RAID

array in a bootable format.


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