Troubleshooting. MSI MS-AEA1

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Troubleshooting. MSI MS-AEA1 | Manualzz




My system does not start�

1� Check if the system is connected to an electrical outlet and it is turned on�

2. Check if the power cord and all cables are connected firmly.

When I turn on my computer, the message “Operating System not found” appears or Windows does not start�

1� Check if there is a non-bootable CD/ DVD inside the optical disk drive� If so, remove the CD/ DVD then restart the computer�

2� Check Boot Device Priority settings in the BIOS Setup�

The system can not be shut down�

It is best to shut down your computer using the Shut Down icon in the operating system� Using other methods, including those listed below, may result in data failure�

If the Shut Down procedure does not work, choose one of the following steps:

1� Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys, then choose Shut Down�

2. Press and hold the power button till the system is off.

3� Unplug the power cable from the system�

My microphone does not work�

1� For built-in microphone, please go to Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio

Devices > Audio to check if it is muted�

2� If you are using an external microphone, check that the microphone is plugged into the Microphone jack�

The Internet connection has problems�

1� If you are having a problem connecting to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), check if the ISP is experiencing technical problems�

2� Check the Network settings and connection and make sure the system is properly configured to Internet access.

3. The wireless LAN data transfer speed is affected by distance and obstructions between devices and access points� To maximize the data transfer speed, choose the access point closest to your system�





System speakers do not work�

1� Check the master volume setting in the Audio Mixer�

2� If you are using an application that has its own volume control, check if the volume is muted�

3� If you have connected an audio cable to the Headphone jack, disconnect it�

4� If the system has OSD function, please adjust the volume of OSD�

I cannot play a CD/ DVD with the DVD-ROM of the system�

1� Make sure the label of the CD/ DVD is facing up�

2� If the CD/ DVD requires software, make sure the software is well installed according to the program instructions�

3� If a region code warning appears when you play the DVD, the problem could be that the DVD is incompatible with the DVD-ROM in your system� The region code is listed on the disc packaging�

4� If you see video but cannot hear audio, check the media player� Also, make sure the speakers and the master volume setting in the Audio Mixer are not muted�

5� Check if the drivers are installed properly� Click Start > Control Panel > System >

Device Manager�

6� A dirty or scratched disc may cause the computer to hang when it is trying to read the disc� If necessary, reboot the computer, remove the disc, and check if it is dirty or scratched�

7� Please use DVD player software like PowerDVD or WinDVD to play DVD video�

My DVD-ROM drive tray does not open�

1� Make sure the computer is turned on�

2� Press the Eject button on the DVD-ROM drive�

3� If the Eject button does not work, open the tray by inserting a sharp, pointed object into the hole next to the Eject button�

System monitor does not display anything�

1� Check if the system is connected to an electrical outlet and it is turned on�

2� The system may be in Standby mode� Press any key to activate the Display�



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