How to Set Up a Power Plan in Windows 10. MSI MS-16J3 BDW, MS-16J3

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How to Set Up a Power Plan in Windows 10. MSI MS-16J3 BDW, MS-16J3 | Manualzz

How to Set Up a Power Plan in Windows 10

A power plan is a collection of hardware and system settings that manages how your computer uses and conserves power. Power plans can save energy, maximize system performance, or balance energy conservation with performance. The default power plans — Balanced and Power saver — meet most people's needs. But you can modify settings for existing plans or create your own plan.

Choose or Customize a Power Plan

1. Find [Windows] icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. Right click it to show selection menu. Select [Power Options] in the menu.

2. Choose a Power Plan by left clicking on one of the selections from the Power

Plan list. The Power Plan of [Balanced] is selected as an example here. Click on the [Change plan settings] to the right of the power plan to customize a power plan.

3. Choose the sleep and display settings you want your computer to use. Click on [Change advanced power settings] to make changes to the selected power plan settings to meet your needs.

4. To restore the selected Power Plan back to its default settings, click on

[Restore plan defaults] and then click [Yes] to confirm.

5. Click [OK] to finish.



Create Your Own Power Plan

You can create your own power plan and customize it as your requirement.

However, it will be recommended to use ECO Engine power saving function to optimize the battery life while using this notebook. Please refer to the section of

System Control Manager (SCM) in the Notebook Software Application Manual for details.

1. Select Power Options in the menu. Click [Create a power plan] in the left pane.

2. Select an existing plan that meet your needs most, and give the plan a name.

Click [Next] to continue.

3. Change the settings for the new power plan. Click [Create] to make the customized power plan taking effect.

4. Now you have a new power plan that is automatically set as active.




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