Safety Instructions. MSI MS-B927

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Safety Instructions

Read the safety instructions carefully and thoroughly�

All cautions and warnings on the computer or user’s manual should be noted�

Make sure that the power voltage is within its safety range and has been adjusted properly to the value of 100~240V before connecting the computer to the power outlet�

If the power cord comes with a 3-pin plug, do not disable the protective earth pin from the plug� The computer must be connected to an earthed mains socket-outlet�

Always unplug the AC power cord before installing any add-on card or module to the computer�

Always disconnect the AC power cord or switch the wall socket off if the computer would be left unused for a certain time to achieve zero energy consumption�

Place the power cord in a way that people are unlikely to step on it� Do not place anything on the power cord�

If this computer comes with an adapter, use only the MSI provided AC adapter approved for use with this computer�

Power Rating


300W: 100-240V~, 50-60Hz, 4-2A

Please take special precautions if this computer comes with a battery�

Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced� Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer�

Avoid disposal of a battery into fire or a hot oven, or mechanically crushing or cutting of a battery, which can result in an explosion�

Avoid leaving a battery in an extremely high temperature or extremely low air pressure environment that can result in an explosion or the leakage of flammable liquid or gas.

Do not ingest battery� If the coin/button cell battery is swallowed, it can cause severe internal burns and can lead to death� Keep new and used batteries away from children�

To reduce the possibility of heat-related injuries or of overheating the computer, do not place the computer on a soft, unsteady surface or obstruct the computer air ventilators�

Use this computer only on a hard, flat and steady surface.

Keep this computer away from humidity and high temperature�

Do not leave the computer in an unconditioned environment with a storage temperature above 60℃ or below 0℃, which may damage the computer.

The maximum operating temperature is around 35℃.

Preface vii



Never pour any liquid into the opening that could damage or cause electrical shock�

Always keep the strong magnetic or electrical objects away from the computer�

If any of the following situations arises, get the computer checked by service personnel:

The power cord or plug is damaged�

Liquid has penetrated into the computer�

The computer has been exposed to moisture�

The computer does not work well or you can not get it work according to user’s manual�

The computer has dropped and damaged�

The computer has obvious sign of breakage�

Green Product Features

Reduced energy consumption during use and stand-by

Limited use of substances harmful to the environment and health

Easily dismantled and recycled

Reduced use of natural resources by encouraging recycling

Extended product lifetime through easy upgrades

Reduced solid waste production through take-back policy

Environmental Policy

The product has been designed to enable proper reuse of parts and recycling and should not be thrown away at its end of life�

Users should contact the local authorized point of collection for recycling and disposing of their end-of-life products�

Visit the MSI website and locate a nearby distributor for further recycling information�

Users may also reach us at gpcontdev@msi�com for information regarding proper disposal, take-back, recycling, and disassembly of MSI products� vii


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