Safety & Comfort Tips. MSI MS-B927

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Safety & Comfort Tips

Choosing a good workspace is important if you have to work with your PC for a long period of time�

1� Your work area should have enough illumination�

2� Choose the proper desk and chair and adjust their height to fit your posture when operating�

3� When sitting on the chair, sit straight and keep a good posture� Adjust the chair’s back (if available) to support your back comfortably�

4� Place you feet flat and naturally on the floor, so that your knees and elbows have the proper position (about 90-degree) when operating�

5� Put your hands on the desk naturally to support your wrists�

6� Avoid using your PC in a place where discomfort may occur (such as on the bed)�

7� The PC is an electrical device� Please treat it with great care to avoid personal injury�

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