Before use. TEAC UD-301

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Before use. TEAC UD-301 | Manualzz

Before use


Placement of the unit

o Avoid placing it in high temperature environments such as in direct sunlight or close to a source of heat. Moreover, do not place the unit on an amplifier or any other device that generates heat. Doing so could cause discoloration, deformation or malfunction.

V Placement precautions o Do not put anything on top of the unit.

o Avoid placing the unit in direct sunlight or close to any source of heat, such as a radiator, heater, open fireplace or amplifier. Moreover, avoid locations that are subject to vibrations or exposed to excessive dust, cold or moisture.

o Place the unit in a stable location near the audio system that you will use with it.

o Do not move the unit during use.

o The voltage supplied to the unit should match the voltage printed on the rear panel. If you are in any doubt regarding this matter, consult an electrician.

o Since the unit could become warm during operation, always leave sufficient space around it for ventilation. When placing this unit, position it so that it is at least 5 cm (2 " ) from walls and other devices in order to allow good heat dissipation.

When installing it in a rack, leave at least 5 cm (2 " ) open above the unit and 10 cm (4 " ) open behind it. o Do not open the body of the unit because this could result in damage to the circuitry or cause electric shock. If a foreign object should enter the unit, contact your dealer.

o When removing the power plug from the wall outlet, always pull directly on the plug; never yank on the cord.

o If a TV is turned on while the unit is on, static might appear on the TV screen depending on the characteristics of the TV broadcast signal. This is neither a malfunction of the unit nor of the TV. If this occurs, put the unit in standby.


If the surface of the unit becomes dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth or use diluted mild liquid soap. Do not use thinner or alcohol because they could damage the surface of the unit.

V For safety, disconnect the power cord from the outlet before cleaning.



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