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Automatic power saving (APS) function

This unit has an automatic power saving function.

So, by default, the unit will enter automatic power saving mode automatically after 30 minutes elapse without any locked input signal. (Power consumption in this standby mode is 0.5 W or less.) o The automatic power saving function is on when the unit is shipped from the factory.

Checking the automatic power saving setting

If automatic power saving is off, all the input indicators will light temporarily when the unit is turned on.

Setting the automatic power saving function

When the unit is on, press and hold the ¤ button for five seconds until all the input indicators light or turn off.

No indicators lit: APS on

All indicators lit: APS off

Press and hold

Upconversion function

When using a digital input (USB*, OPTICAL or COAXIAL), the upconversion function can be used.

*DSD audio will not be upconverted.

Press and hold the source button for about five seconds until the sampling frequency indicators light as follows.

44.1kHz and 48kHz indicators lit: Upconversion off

44.1kHz to 96kHz indicators lit: Upconversion setting 1

44.1kHz to192kHz indicators lit: Upconversion setting 2

Input frequency and frequency after upconversion

Input frequency Setting 1

44.1 kHz

48 kHz

88.2 kHz

96 kHz

88.2 kHz

96 kHz

No upconversion

No upconversion

Setting 2

176.4 kHz

192 kHz

176.4 kHz

192 kHz o Frequencies of 176.4 kHz and higher will not be upconverted when input.

Sampling frequency indicators during upconversion

When upconversion is in use, two sampling frequency indicators will light.

The left one shows the input frequency and the right one shows the frequency after upconversion.


Press and hold


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