Personnel Qualification and Training. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV

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Personnel Qualification and Training. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV | Manualzz

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3.4.1 Personnel Qualification and Training

The machine may be used, maintained and repaired only by persons who are familiar with it and have been instructed about the dangers connected with it. The operator must define areas of responsibility and monitoring of personnel. Should personnel lack the required knowledge, they must receive the required training and instruction. The operator must ensure that the contents of these operating instructions have been fully understood by personnel.

Repair work not described in these operating instructions should only be performed by

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Dangers in Case of Non-compliance with the Safety Instructions

Failure to follow the safety instructions could result in personal injury and environmental hazards as well as damage to the machine. If the safety instructions are not respected, this could result in the forfeiture of any claims for damages.

Failure to follow the safety instructions could result, for example

, in the following hazards:

• Endangering of persons due to not protected working areas.

• Breakdown of important machine functions

• Failure of prescribed methods for repair and maintenance

• Endangering of persons due to mechanical and chemical effects

• Damage to the environment due to leaking hydraulic oil

3.4.3 Safety-conscious work practices

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Always observe the safety instructions set out in these operating instructions, all existing accident prevention rules and any internal work, operating and safety rules issued by the operator.

The safety and accident prevention regulations of the responsible professional associations are binding.

The safety instructions provided by the vehicle manufacturer should also be observed.

Observe the applicable traffic laws when using public roads.

Be prepared for emergencies. Keep the fire extinguisher and first aid box within reach. Keep emergency numbers for doctors and fire brigade close to the telephone.



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