Attached devices. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV

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Attached devices. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV | Manualzz


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3.5 Attached devices

1 Use extreme caution when attaching or detaching implements onto or from the tractor!

2 Couple the respective application devices to the appropriate couplings (e.g. three-point suspension) only and secure them in a way (transport, use) that excludes inadvertent lifting or lowering of the device.

3 When using three-point linkage, the attachment categories of the tractor and the device

(e.g. PTO speed, hydraulic system) must be coordinated!

4 When using the outside controls for the three-point linkage, do not step between the tractor and the device (risk of injury)!

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3.6 PTO operation

1  Use only PTO shafts specified by the manufacturer!

2  The guard tube and guard cone of the PTO shaft and the PTO guard must be attached and in good working condition (on the implement side, too)!

3  Make sure that the required tube covers are in place for PTO shafts in transport and working position!

4  Before installing or detaching PTO shafts, disengage the PTO, switch off the engine and remove the ignition key!

5  When using PTO shafts with an overload safety or free-running coupling which are not shielded by the guard on the tractor, mount the overload safety or free-running coupling on the implement side!

6  Always make sure that the PTO shaft is properly installed and secured!

7  Attach chains to prevent the PTO shaft guard from rotating with the shaft!

8  Before switching on the PTO, make sure that the selected PTO speed of the tractor matches the permissible implement speed!

9  Before switching on the PTO shaft make sure that no person is in the danger zone of the device!

10  Never switch on the PTO if the engine is switched off!

11  No one should be in the vicinity of the rotating PTO or PTO shaft when the PTO is in use.

12  Always switch off the PTO shaft when the angle is too large or the PTO shaft is not required!

13 Caution! After disengaging the PTO danger due to the flywheel running on! Keep away from the implement during this time. The machine may be worked on only if it is completely at standstill and if the flywheel is secured by the parking brake.

14  Cleaning, lubricating or adjusting PTO driven implements or the PTO shaft only with PTO disengaged, engine switched off and ignition key withdrawn! Secure the fly-wheel with the parking brake.

15  Place the disconnected PTO shaft onto the support provided!

16  After detaching the PTO shaft, attach the protective cover to the PTO end!

17  If damage occurs, correct this immediately before using the implement!

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The instructions of the manufacturer must be observed with regard to the PTO shaft. (separate operating instructions)



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