Hydraulic system. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV

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Hydraulic system. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV | Manualzz

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3.7 Hydraulic system

1  The hydraulic system is pressurised!

2  When connecting hydraulic cylinders and motors, make sure the hydraulic hoses are connected as specified!

3  When connecting the hydraulic hoses to the tractor hydraulics, make sure that the hydraulics of both the tractor and the implement have been depressurized!

4  In the case of hydraulic connections between tractor and machine, the coupling sleeves and plugs should be marked to ensure a proper connection! If the connectors are interchanged, the function will be reversed (e. g. raising/lowering) - Risk of accident!

5  When searching for leaks, use suitable aids to avoid the risk of injury!

6  Liquids escaping under high pressure (hydraulic oil) can penetrate the skin and cause serious injury! Seek medical help immediately should injuries occur! Danger of infection!

7  Before working on the hydraulic system, depressurise the system and switch off the engine!

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8 Check the hydraulic hose lines at regular intervals and replace them if damaged or worn!

The new hoses must fulfill the technical requirements set by the manufacturer of the implement!

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3.8 Maintenance

1 Always make certain that the drive and the engine are switched off before doing any repairs, maintenance or cleaning! - Remove the ignition key!

2 Regularly check that nuts and bolts are properly seated and tighten if necessary!

3 When carrying out maintenance work on a raised mowing unit, always use suitable means to secure it against falling.

4 When replacing working tools with cutting edges, use suitable tools and gloves!

5 Oils, greases and filters must be disposed of correctly!

6 Always disconnect the power supply before working on the electrical system!

7 If protective devices and guards are subject to wear, check them regularly and replace them in good time!

8 When performing electrical welding work on the vehicle and mounted devices, turn the power supply off at main battery switch or disconnect generator cable and battery!

9 Replacement parts must at least comply with the technical requirements set by the manufacturer of the implements! This is guaranteed by original KRONE spare parts!

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10 Only use nitrogen for filling pneumatic accumulators - risk of explosion!


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Unauthorised Conversion/Modification and Spare Parts Production

Conversions or modifications of the machine are permitted only with prior consultation with the manufacturer. Original spare parts and accessories authorised by the manufacturer help to ensure safety. Use of other parts may void liability for resulting damage.


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Inadmissible Modes of Operation

The operating safety of the delivered machine is guaranteed only when it is used as intended in compliance with the introductory section "Intended use" of the operating instructions. The limit values listed in the data charts should not be exceeded under any circumstances.



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