Start-up. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV

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Start-up. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV | Manualzz


Pos: 67.1 /Überschriften/Überschriften 1/F-J/Inbetri ebnahme @ 0\mod_1196327075811_78.docx @ 6375 @ 1 @ 1


Pos: 67.2 /Überschriften/Überschriften 2/U-Z/VVor bereitung en am Traktor @ 2\mod_1202363643678_78.docx @ 58694 @ 2 @ 1


7.1 Preparations on tractor

Pos: 67.3 /BA/Sicher heit/7. Gefahrenhi nweise alt/Mähwer ke/Gefahr - U nbeabsichtigtes Abkuppel n Fr ontmähwer ke @ 3\mod_1204641660735_78.docx @ 71218 @ @ 1

Danger! - Inadvertent uncoupling of the machine during road travel or work.

Effect: Danger to life, serious injuries or serious damage to the machine.

• Use extreme caution when attaching implements to or detaching them from the tractor! The accident prevention regulations must be complied with absolutely.

• When attaching or detaching the machine, do not walk between the tractor and the machine!

• The lower suspension arms of the front hydraulics on the tractor must be adjusted to swing freely. (see operating instructions for the front hydraulics)

• If the lower suspension arms on the tractor cannot be adjusted to swing freely, freeswinging lower suspension arm adapters must be installed.

• Lower suspension arm adapter order no. 140 190 (1x)

Pos: 67.4 /BA/Ersti nbetriebnahme/EasyC ut/Ersti nbetriebnahme M odulgruppen/Vorber eitungen am Tr aktor EC F 360 C V/CR @ 249 \mod_1396860923624_78.docx @ 1934719 @ @ 1

• Change front lifting unit to single-action.

• Disconnect lower links so that they can swing freely.

• Move front axle suspension to central position and deactivate it.

• Initial start-up has been made.

• Move tractor to assembling position.

• Connect lower links to the machine.

• Connect universal shaft to the tractor.

• Connect top link to the machine.

• Bring machine into transport position.

• Hinge relief springs as far to the outside as possible on top link clevis.

• Pull parking support upward until it engages.

Pos: 67.5 /Layout M odul e /---------------Seitenumbruch---------------- @ 0\mod_1196175311226_0.docx @ 4165 @ @ 1



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