Trial run after first installation. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV

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Trial run after first installation. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV | Manualzz


Pos: 67.54 /BA/Inbetri ebnahme/EasyCut/H ydrauli k/H ydrauli kanschluss Bild EC F 280/320/360/ (M) @ 234\mod_1394086580639_78.docx @ 1864567 @ @ 1


Fig. 30

Pos: 67.55 /BA/Inbetri ebnahme/H ydrauli kkupplungen anschließ en all e Maschi nen/H ydr auli kkuppl ung en anschließ en T eil1 @ 213\mod_1390207328923_78.docx @ 1749237 @ @ 1

• Set the single-action control units of the tractor to float position.

• Turn off the tractor and secure it against the possibility of rolling back.

Pos: 67.56.1 /BA/Bedienung /EasyC ut/Schutze/Bei Ausführung hydr aulischer Seitenschutz @ 332 \mod_1428387861893_78.docx @ 2536837 @ @ 1

With hydraulic side guards design

Pos: 67.56.2 /BA/Sicherheit/7. Gefahr enhinweise alt/M ähwer ke/War nung Quetschgefahr/Senken von Seitenschutz @ 331\mod_1427802696458_78.docx @ 2532405 @ @ 1


Crushing hazard when lowering the side guards

While lowering the hydraulic side guards, there is a danger of being crushed between side guard and upper protective cover.

• While lowering the side guards, make sure that there is no one in the danger zone .

Pos: 67.56.3 /BA/Bedienung /EasyC ut/Schutze/Absenken hydr aulischer Seitenschutz_T ext @ 332 \mod_1428387391162_78.docx @ 2536775 @ @ 1

Pos: 67.57 /BA/Inbetri ebnahme/EasyCut/Probel auf nach Erstmontag e @ 3\mod_1205215927275_78.docx @ 73555 @ 2 @ 1

• Fold down the side guards by means of double-action control unit (red1/blue1) of the tractor.

7.8 Trial run after first installation

Pos: 67.58 /Layout Module /---------------Seitenumbr uch---------------- @ 0\mod_1196175311226_0.docx @ 4165 @ @ 1


After the first connection to the tractor, the machine must undergo a trial run.

• The machine must be in working position

• Do not switch on the PTO until the machine is resting on the ground and you are absolutely sure that there are no persons, animals or objects in the danger zone.

• Start a trial run of the machine from the driver’s seat of the tractor only.

• Lower the machine into working position.

• Carefully switch in the PTO of the tractor.

• Slowly increase the PTO speed to 1000 rpm.

• Check that the machine is running smoothly and without vibrations.

• Reduce the PTO speed to idling and wait for the cutting discs / mower drums to come to a stansdstill.

• Raise or lower the machine via the tractor hydraulics.



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