Adjusting the Guards. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV

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Adjusting the Guards. Krone EasyCut F 360 CV, EasyCut F 360 CR, EasyCut F 320 CV | Manualzz

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10.2 Adjusting the Guards

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DANGER! – Stones forcibly projected during operation

Effect: Danger to life or serious injuries.

• Check the guard cloths regularly. Worn or damaged guard cloths must be replaced!

• The protective equipment on the mowing unit, e.g. cloths and hoods, protects against flying stones and similar objects, and also prevents access to dangerous parts. Because of this, you must always move it to its protective position before starting work

• Fold the side plate(s) down and secure with twist locks before use

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The safety device can be adapted to harvesting conditions by adjusting the inclination.

• In order to avoid that crops are kinked because the guards are too low, set the guards higher.

• To avoid that stones or the like are ejected when the crops are low, set the guards lower.

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Fig. 39

• Fold up guards (1) and guard (2).

• Unscrew the screws (4).

• Use mounting bar (3) to set the height of the guards.

• Tighten the screws (4).

• Fold down guards (1) and guard (2).



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