Before the Start of the New Season. Krone BA EasyCut B 750/890/970, EasyCut B 750, EasyCut B 890, EasyCut B 970

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Before the Start of the New Season. Krone BA EasyCut B 750/890/970, EasyCut B 750, EasyCut B 890, EasyCut B 970 | Manualzz

Before the Start of the New Season

Pos: 92.4 /Überschriften/Überschriften 1/U-Z/Vor Beginn der neuen Saison @ 4\mod_1211272647559_78.docx @ 82867 @ 1 @ 1


Pos: 92.5 /Überschriften/Überschriften 2/P-T/SSpeziell e Sicherheitshinweise @ 0\mod_1196660495760_78.docx @ 9134 @ 2 @ 1

Before the Start of the New Season

18.1 Special Safety Instructions

Pos: 92.6 /BA/Sicher heit/7. Gefahrenhi nweise alt/Mähwer ke/Warnung - Repar atur_Wartung_R einig ungs_4 allgemein EasyC ut @ 292\mod_1410941423112_78.docx @ 2299026 @ @ 1


When performing repair, maintenance or cleaning work or in case of technical intervention, drive elements may start moving (caution: cutting discs continue to run).

Effect: Danger to life, injuries or damage to the machine.

• Turn off the PTO shaft.

• Move the machine to the working position and lower it to the ground.

• Switch off the engine of the tractor, remove the ignition key and carry it with you.

• Secure the tractor against accidental start-up and against rolling.

• After the repair, maintenance, cleaning work or technical modifications are completed, mount all protective covers and safety devices properly again.

• Avoid skin contact with oils, greases, cleaning agents and solvents.

• In the event of injuries or burns due to oils, cleaning agents or solvents, contact a physician immediately.

• All other safety instructions must also be followed to avoid injuries and accidents.

Pos: 92.7 /Überschriften/Überschriften 2/P-T/PPr obel auf @ 0\mod_1196782963921_78.docx @ 14908 @ 2 @ 1

18.2 Test run.

Pos: 92.8 /BA/Sicher heit/7. Gefahrenhi nweise alt/Mähwer ke/Gefahr - Probel auf M ehrzahl @ 0\mod_1196782825187_78.docx @ 14889 @ @ 1

Danger! - Testing the machine after repair, maintenance or cleaning work and after technical intervention.

Effect: Danger to life or serious injuries

• The mowing unit must be in working position

• Do not switch on the drives until the mowing units are resting on the ground and you are absolutely sure that neither persons, animals nor objects are in the danger zone.

• Start a trial run of the machine only from the driver’s seat.

Pos: 92.9 /BA/Einl agerung/EasyCut / AM M ähwer ke/Vor der Saison ohne Bereifung @ 3\mod_1204731533226_78.docx @ 72767 @ @ 1

• Lubricate the machine thoroughly. Remove any condensation water which may have collected in the bearings.

• Check oil level in the gearbox(es) and top up if necessary.

• Check all screws to make certain they are tight or retighten them if necessary.

• Check all electrical connection cables and the lighting. Repair or replace if necessary.

• Check the entire setting of the machine and correct if necessary.

• Re-read the operating instructions thoroughly.


Use vegetable oils and greases.

Pos: 92.10 /BA/Ei nlag erung/Rei bkupplung/R eibkuppl ung l üften vor der Saison @ 3\mod_1204731645242_78.docx @ 72787 @ @ 1

• Vent the friction clutch to release the adhesion of the friction lining.

Pos: 92.11 /Layout Module /---------------Seitenumbr uch---------------- @ 0\mod_1196175311226_0.docx @ 4165 @ @ 1



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