Ventilation. Miele 11329860, KWT 6722 iS

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 WARNING! Fire hazard!

Operation of the wine conditioning unit is limited. Keep the ventilation slits free from obstruction.

 If the ventilation slits are not kept free and unobstructed the compressor will switch on more often and will run for longer.

This can cause higher energy consumption and to an increased compressor operating temperature, which can result in damage to the compressor.

Do not block the ventilation slits.


The air at the back wall of the wine conditioning warms up. Therefore the cabinet must be constructed in such a way that ensures unhindered ventilation (see

“Built-in dimensions”).

– The air influx   enters via the plinth and the air outlet   is at the top at the rear of the cabinet.

– To ensure ventilation an air channel of a minimum 9/16" (40 mm) depth must be provided at the back of the wine conditioning.

– The ventilation slits in the plinth, in the cabinet and under the top of the cabinet must provide a total passage volume of at least 31 square inches to allow the warm air to dissipate unimpeded.



Key Features

  • Built-in Compressor wine cooler 80 bottle(s) Number of temperature zones: 2 Black
  • Number of shelves: 8 Number of doors: 1
  • Wine cooler net capacity: 254 L
  • 32 dB
  • 176 kWh
  • Interior light Temperature alarm

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