Product Overview. Dimplex North America Z49-00007

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Product Overview

The CONNEX™ Wi-Fi Controller is a Dimplex exclusive, allowing the user to operate the CON-

NEX TM Multi-zone controller and synchronized CONNEX TM enabled heaters wirelessly from any remote location.

CONNEX™ wireless technology provides the user the ability to control four individual heat zones and one Wi-Fi-enabled controller for precise temperature management throughout the home. The easy-to-use touch screen allows for 7-day/ 4-event programming that combines with zone heating for incredible energy savings.


The controller is setup so that the user can divide their house into up to 4 different heating zones.

These can be separate heaters or a selection of one or more heaters that will all be set to run at the same time and temperature settings.

By dividing the house into zones you can program the controller to raise the temperature in particular rooms during the time you normally use them and reduce the temperature when they are not in use.

By having a wireless controller, the components within a zone do not have to be located in the same area of the house, as with traditional heating systems. The components in any particular zone can be spread all through the house.

For example:

• Zone 1 - All of the bedrooms,

• Zone 2 - All of the bathrooms,

• Zone 3 - Kitchen and living room.


NOTE: Zones can be setup as any combination of the Dimplex

CONNEX TM enabled controlled heaters as long as there is one heater that is within 15m (50ft) of the controller and the subsequent heaters are within 15m (50ft) of the controller or any other heater.


The controller has been designed to divide each day into 4 different time settings for each day– Wake,

Away, Home and Sleep.

Wake – Initial increase of heat to desired temperature use.

Away – A decreased temperature set point while the area is not in use.


Product Overview

• Home – An increased temperature set point for normal usage.

• Sleep – Reduce temperature set point while you are sleeping.


NOTE: When programming times for temperature events to take place, ahead of time, giving the temperature time to increase, i.e. your kitchen takes 17 minutes to increase in temperature from 18°C to 21°C, set the Home

Event to occur 17 minutes before you arrive home.

As a default, values have been programmed for the Wake and

Sleep times and temperatures for all 4 zones, for all 7 days.

Wake: 21.0°C (70.0°F), 6:00AM

Sleep: 18.0°C (64.0°F), 11:00PM


NOTE: There are no initial settings for Home and Away events.

To change these values there is a program function which will guide you through the adjustment/setup of these values for a single day or group of days, or multiple zones.


NOTE: You do not need to have settings for all events. An event can be skipped by entering

--:-- for the time entry. (Increase

6 time to 11:59pm/23:59 and the next number will be --:-- before it continues to 12:00am/00:00.)


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