Initial Setup. Dimplex North America Z49-00007

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Initial Setup. Dimplex North America Z49-00007 | Manualzz

Initial Setup

Figure 5 - Full Touch Screen Display









A. Day Icons

B. Event Icons

C. Zone Icons

D. Synchronization Icon

E. Low Battery Icon

F. Lock Icon

G. Check Icon


H. 24 Hour Icon

I. Program Icon

J. Hold Icon

K. Setup Icon

L. Go Back Icon

M. Temperature Display

N. Time Display



Initial Setup

Once the App has been installed, the program will step through the account setup, connection to the local router with an active internet connect and the Multi-zone Wi-Fi controller.


NOTE: If the unit is correctly connected, the display will be updated with the current day and time.

Once power has been provided to the unit, the Setup program will begin. The initial set-up includes:

Day, Type of Clock (12hr or 24hr),

Current Time and Temperature

Measurement Preference.


NOTE: Since the unit will be connected to Wi-Fi, the day and time will automatically set and this section can be skipped over.

1. Select the current day of the week, by pressing the icon on the screen.


NOTE: As each selection is made, the selected icon will become solid and the Check Icon

will appear to move to the next option.

2. Press the Check Icon save selection.


3. The default type of clock is a 12hr. The clock can be changed to a 24hr by pressing the icon. (To revert back, press the icon.)

4. Using the and icons, you can then set the time.


NOTE: If the button is held down for longer the time will increase faster.


NOTE: If you notice that the wrong day has been selected you can press the Go Back Icon to revert to the previous screen.

5. Press the Check Icon to save selection.

6. The °C icon will begin to flash as the default. To switch to °F, press the flashing °C.

7. Once the day, time and temperature preference have been set, press the Check

Icon to go into operation mode.


NOTE: If the time needs to be adjusted after this setup, you can press and hold the time display for 3 seconds to go into the time adjustment mode or press setup to adjust all of the settings.


Initial Setup


NOTE: At any time, holding down the temperature set point will toggle the temperature measurement preference.

Heater Synchronization

The controller features CON-

NEX TM , a wireless technology that works with Dimplex CON-

NEX TM enabled heaters to provide simple whole home connectivity and comfort. CONNEX TM controllers are available to control one or multiple heaters within a 50’

(15 m) radius. In order for the controller to have this function the CONNEX TM enabled heater and the controller will need to be synchronized.


NOTE: For ease of setup, it is suggested that the controller be taken to each heater to complete the synchronization process. The controller is equipped with a small battery that will allow the unit to be unplugged from the wall, for up to 3 hours, to be able to move to each heater for synchronization. Synchronization can be completed after the battery has died, by moving the controller to each heater and plugging it into a nearby receptacle.

CAUTION: Always press the icons with a blunt object. Sharp objects like pen and pencil points may damage the touch screen.

1. Press the icon to put the controller into synchronization mode.

2. All four (4) zone icons will begin to flash.

3. Select the zone that the specific heater will be associated with. That icon will become solid.

4. On the heater press and hold the V button for 3 seconds, both the and icons will begin to flash.

5. Press the – , ✚ and then V , on the heater.

6. Within 10 seconds press the

icon on the controller.


NOTE: When the synchronization is complete the display on the heater will switch to the new settings from the controller.

7. Repeat steps 3-5 until all of the heaters are synchronized.

8. Press the icon to revert back to operation mode.


NOTE: When the controller is running on battery power, Wi-Fi function is disabled.



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