Maintenance. Dimplex North America Z49-00007

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Maintenance. Dimplex North America Z49-00007 | Manualzz


Surface Cleaning

Use a cloth dampened with warm water only to clean the housing and glass display of the wall setter. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

If the display needs to be cleaned, putting the unit in the lock function will allow you to remove any fingerprints or dirt without changing any settings.

Battery Replacement (Figure 6)

The Multi-zone programmable

CONNEX TM Controller contains a

CR2032 (3V) battery. The intention of the battery is to allow heater synchronization to be carried out more conveniently.

Replacement of the battery will only be required if additional synchronization needs to take place and a convenience receptical is not in the vacinity of the heater.

To replace the battery:

1. Remove stand from unit or remove the unit from the wall.

2. Access the battery by removing the 6 screws that attach the back cover to the unit.

3. Replace the battery.


NOTE: Ensure that the battery is installed under the bottom battery prongs.

4. Reassemble and remount the remote control.


NOTE: Multi-zone programmable CONNEX TM Controller will retain all settings while battery is removed and will revert to those settings when power is restored.

Battery must be recycled or disposed of properly.

Check with your Local

Authority or Retailer for recycling advice in your area.

Figure 6



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