Technical Support. Novatel Wireless NBZNRM-3800

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Technical Support. Novatel Wireless NBZNRM-3800 | Manualzz

Technical Support

If you are in need of technical support regarding the operation of your 3 Watt Modem, contact the

Novatel Wireless Customer Support Center, or refer to the following resources.

Your Wireless IP Service Provider. Contact information may be found in the Wireless

Configuration Wizard or on the Novatel Wireless website at

The on-line help that can be accessed from the 3 Watt Modem’s CD-ROM

The product support information on the Novatel Wireless website at


How to Contact Novatel Wireless Technical Support

Technical and Customer Support can be contacted toll-free by telephone at

1-888-888-9231 or by using our general support email address at [email protected]

What Information Technical Support Personnel Might Need From You

Your computer operating system (Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/CE).

The version of the operating system (e.g. Windows 95 Version B, NT 4, and CE 2.1).

The Electronic Identification number of the modem.( Found on the 3 Watt label, or in the

Wireless Modem Manager)

The version of the software for Wireless Modem Manager and Wireless Configuration

Wizard software. (Found in the About screen).

Your Wireless Internet Provider (Carrier, CDPD Service Provider)

Geographic Location of Use.

What Customer Support Can Do For You

Customer support can assist you in the following ways:

Technical support to help you get your get the 3 Watt Modem operating.

General information on all of Novatel Wireless Technology products and services.

Direct sales of Novatel Wireless Technology products and services.

Information on third party solutions and vendors.



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