Tips for saving energy. Groupe Brandt DRP772MJ

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Tips for saving energy. Groupe Brandt DRP772MJ | Manualzz

If there is water in the lower part of the refrigerator,

Check that:

The drain hole for the water is not clogged (use the defrost drain plug to clean the drain hole)


• The compressor protection thermal fuse will cutout after sudden power breakdowns or after unplugging the appliance, because the gas in the cooling system is not stabilised.

This is quite normal and the fridge will restart after 4 or 5 minutes.

• The cooling unit of your refrigerator is hidden in the rear of the appliance. Therefore, water droplets or icing may occur on the rear surface of your fridge due to the operation of the compressor at specified intervals. This is normal. There is no need to perform a defrosting operation unless the icing is excessive.

• To stop the appliance completely, unplug it from main socket (for cleaning and when the doors are left open).

• If a problem persists after you have followed all the instructions above, please consult the nearest Authorised Service Centre.

• The appliance you have purchased is designed for domestic use and can only be used at home and for the stated purposes. It is not suitable for commercial or common use. If the consumer uses the appliance in a way that does not comply with this, we emphasise that the manufacturer and the dealer will not be responsible for any repair and failure within the guarantee period.

• The lifetime of your appliance is stated and declared by the Department of industry. The period for retaining parts required for the operation of the appliance is 10 years.

Tips for saving energy

1. Install the appliance in a cool, well ventilated room , but not in direct sunlight and not near a heat source (radiator, cooker.. etc). Otherwise use an insulating plate.

2. Allow warm food and drinks to cool down outside the appliance.

3. When thawing frozen food, place it in the refrigerator compartment. The low temperature of the frozen food will help to cool the refrigerator compartment when it is thawing. This will help to save energy. If the frozen food is put out, it results in a waste of energy.

4. Cover drinks or other liquids when placing them in the appliance Otherwise humidity increases in the appliance. Therefore, the working time gets longer. Also covering drinks and other liquids helps to preserve smell and taste.

5. Try to avoid keeping the doors open for long periods or opening the doors too frequently as warm air will enter the cabinet and cause the compressor to switch on unnecessarily often.

6. Keep the covers of the different temperature compartments (crisper, chiller ...etc ) closed

7. Door gasket must be clean and pliable. Replace gaskets if worn.

EN - 38 -


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