Toshiba 14.1 TFT XGA LCD MODULE - TECRA S1 (V00002008006) PC Notebook

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Toshiba 14.1 TFT XGA LCD MODULE - TECRA S1 (V00002008006) PC Notebook | Manualzz

Connecting Other External Devices

Using an expansion device


The internal microphone is automatically disabled.

Once the external microphone is connected, the recording process is the same as with the built-in microphone. For more information, see

“Recording sounds” on page 143 .

Using an expansion device

The expansion port allows you to connect your computer to an expansion device, which is an excellent investment if you’re using your computer both in and out of the office.

When you return to your desk, you probably want to connect to your network, print reports from your computer, or use a mouse instead of the AccuPoint II. Connecting cables for each of these devices every time you return to the office is time-consuming and inconvenient.

With an expansion device, you can leave external devices connected while you are using your computer away from your desk. When you return, you can quickly connect your computer and have immediate access to all the devices.

For more information, see the accessories information package that comes with the device or visit


Adding memory

HINT: To purchase additional memory modules, see the accessories information packaged with your system or visit


Your Satellite computer is equipped with two memory slots which can provide for various memory configurations. When additional memory is added, or original memory replaced, it is recommended that you use only compatible memory. In the event original memory is replaced with invalid memory, the system will beep and will not boot beyond the BIOS memory

5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3


Connecting Other External Devices

Adding memory

check. A message may display. If this occurs, contact

Toshiba’s support center at (800) 457-7777.

Since your computer was built to order, it should have enough memory to run your current applications. However, if your requirements change, you can install extra memory.

Installing a memory module

Additional memory modules can be installed in the memory expansion slots on the base of the computer. You will need a standard Phillips no.1 screwdriver for this procedure.

To avoid damaging the computer’s screws, use a standard

Phillips no. 1 screwdriver that is in good condition.

The computer has one memory expansion slot. You can install one memory module.


Shut down your computer completely using the Shut Down command. See

“Turning off the computer” on page 62 .


Unplug the computer.

Installing a memory module with the computer’s power on may damage the computer, the module, or both.


Close the display panel and remove any cables you may have connected.


Remove the battery.


Turn the computer upside down.


Locate and remove the screw that holds the cover plate in place, and lift the cover off of the memory module bay.

5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3

Connecting Other External Devices

Adding memory


Removing the memory module cover

Static electricity can damage the memory module. Before you handle the module, touch a grounded metal surface to discharge any static electricity you may have built up.

To avoid damaging the memory module, be careful not to touch its pin connector on the side you insert into the computer.


Remove the new memory module from its antistatic packaging.


Insert the memory module in the slot and gently press it down into place.

The clips on either side of the module will click to secure the module.

5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3


Connecting Other External Devices

Adding memory

Inserting the memory module into the slot


Replace the cover plate and the screw.


Turn the computer over and restart it.

When you turn on the computer, it automatically recognizes the additional memory.

Removing a memory module

If you need to remove a memory module:


Complete steps 1–5 in “ Installing a memory module

” to shut down the computer and open the memory module cover.


Pull the clips away from the memory module.

The memory module pops partially out of the slot.

5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3


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