Toshiba 14.1 TFT XGA LCD MODULE - TECRA S1 (V00002008006) PC Notebook

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Toshiba 14.1 TFT XGA LCD MODULE - TECRA S1 (V00002008006) PC Notebook | Manualzz

Troubleshooting Guide

Internet Problems


Make sure the Parallel Port Mode option in Hardware Setup is set correctly for your printer. If your printer is ECPcompatible, this option should be set to ECP. If your printer is not ECP-compatible, this option should be set to Std. Bi-


If your printer is ECP- or IEEE 1284-compliant, make sure you have an IEEE 1284 printer cable.

Run the printer’s self test to check for any problem with the printer itself.

Make sure you installed the proper printer drivers.

You may have connected the printer while the computer was turned on. Turn off the computer, and turn off the printer.

Turn the printer back on, make sure it’s ready (on line), then turn the computer back on.

The printer does not print what I see on the screen.

Many programs display information on the screen differently from the way they print it. See if your program has a print preview mode. This mode lets you see your work exactly as it will print. Contact the software manufacturer for more information.

Internet Problems

My Internet connection is very slow.

Many factors contribute to the speed with which you can surf the Internet. They include: modem speed, time of day (when everyone else is surfing, your access can be slow), and popularity of the site. If accessing a particular site is very slow, try later.

My browser cannot find the URL address I typed in.

Make sure you separated the domain names of the address with the forward slash(/). Check the spelling of each name and the syntax of the address carefully. A single incorrect

5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3


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