Toshiba 14.1 TFT XGA LCD MODULE - TECRA S1 (V00002008006) PC Notebook

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Toshiba 14.1 TFT XGA LCD MODULE - TECRA S1 (V00002008006) PC Notebook | Manualzz


Troubleshooting Guide

If you need further assistance

Read the manuals.

It’s very difficult to provide a fail-safe set of steps you can follow every time you experience a problem with the computer. Your ability to solve problems will improve as you learn about how the computer and its software work together.

Get familiar with all the manuals provided with your computer, as well as the manuals that come with the programs and devices you purchase.

Look in your local computer store or bookstore for self-help books you can use to supplement the information in the manuals.

If you need further assistance

If you have followed the recommendations in this chapter and are still having problems, you may need additional technical assistance. This section contains the steps to take to ask for help.

Before you call

Since some problems may be related to the operating system or the program you are using, it is important to investigate other sources of assistance first.

Try the following before contacting Toshiba:

Review the troubleshooting information in your operating system documentation.

If the problem occurs while you are running a program, consult the program’s documentation for troubleshooting suggestions. Contact the software company’s technical support group for their assistance.

Consult the dealer from whom you purchased your computer and/or program. Your dealer is your best source for current information.

5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3

Troubleshooting Guide

If you need further assistance


Detailed system specifications are available at

by selecting your particular product and model number, clicking


, and then clicking the



link from the menu on the left, or just refer to the computer documentation shipped with your product.

For the number of a Toshiba dealer near you in the United

States, call: (800) 457-7777.

Contacting Toshiba

If you still need help and suspect that the problem is hardware-related, you can access Toshiba on the Internet using any Internet browser by typing

Toshiba voice contact

Before calling Toshiba, make sure you have:

Your computer’s serial number.

The computer and any optional devices related to the problem.

Backup copies of your operating system and all other preloaded software on diskettes or CD-ROM.

The Recovery Media that came with your system.

Name and version of the program involved in the problem along with its installation diskettes or CD-ROM.

Information about what you were doing when the problem occurred.

Exact error messages and when they occurred.

For technical support, call the Toshiba Global Support


Within the United States at (800) 457-7777

Outside the United States at (949) 859-4273

5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3


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