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Windows 2000 Supplemental Information

Viewing your computer’s contents


You computer’s desktop includes several standard features: icons, Start button, Shortcut tray, Taskbar, System tray, and background pattern.


An icon represents a file or program that can be quickly activated by double-clicking the icon. The icons initially displayed on your desktop include:

My Documents — Shows the documents in the My

Documents folder that you’ve created or edited most recently.

My Computer — Shows the file system for your computer and the network (if any).

My Network Places — Contains the most recent Network sites you’ve visited.

Recycle Bin — Holds files you’ve deleted. You may be able to retrieve these files until you empty the Recycle Bin.

TECHNICAL NOTE: If you delete a file from a diskette, it does not go into the Recycle Bin. For more information on the

Recycle Bin, see Windows Help.

Internet Explorer — The Microsoft browser that provides access to the Internet.

Connect to the Internet — A shortcut command to connect with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and establish a link to the Internet using your browser.

Viewing your computer’s contents

Using Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer gives you a view of your computer’s contents as a hierarchy or “tree.” You can easily see the content of each drive and folder on your computer. To access

5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3


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