CX-Server Lite User Manual

CX-Server Lite User Manual


Getting Started with CX-Server Lite


Use the following procedure to retrieve on-line help from the


tab of the Help Topics dialog.

1, 2, 3…






Select the


option from the Object Properties Menu.

Select the



Enter a text query into the first step field. The second step field is refreshed according the to query entered in the first step field. Previous text queries can be retrieved by selecting from the drop down list in the first step field.

Select a word that matches the query – some words may be automatically selected. More than one word can be selected by pressing Shift and selecting another word to extend the selection or by pressing Ctrl and selecting another word to add to the selection. The third step field is refreshed according to the word or words selected. The number of topics found is shown at the bottom of the dialog.

Select a topic from the third step field and select the


pushbutton, or double-click on the topic from the third step field. Select the


pushbutton to restart the find operation.

The Find operation can be enhanced by the use of the


pushbutton and Rebuild pushbutton. Refer to

Microsoft Windows documentation

for further information.

About CX-Server Lite

CX-Server Lite Components include an About dialog accessible from the properties menu. The

About dialog supplies technical reference information about the application such as version and copyright information. It also contains essential version number information that is required for obtaining technical support. The CX-Server Communications Control also includes details of the version of CX-Server installed.

In addition, a brief description of CX-Server Lite and the CX-Automation Suite can be accessed from the main help contents dialog.

Technical Support

If the installation instructions for this application have been followed, no difficulties should be encountered.

If a problem occurs, check that it does not relate to a fault outside CX-Server Lite, for instance, with external components. Check the following:

The PC is working correctly,

The external system or application is working correctly,

The communications system is set up correctly,

Any errors are cleared in the associated PLCs.

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