Preparing the machine for shipment. Krone BA EasyCut B 970

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Preparing the machine for shipment. Krone BA EasyCut B 970 | Manualzz



Driving and transport

Preparing the machine for shipment




Parking the machine with mowers folded up

To save space, the machine can also be parked with mowers folded up. To prevent the machine from overturning, park it on firm ground.

ü The side mounted mowers are in the transport position. The outrigger arms (1) are fully retracted and rest on the end stops (2).

„ Only park the machine on level ground capable of bearing the load such as concrete or asphalt.

Preparing the machine for shipment


Risk of accident due to unsecured machine parts

If the machine is not secured properly for transportation on a lorry or train, the parts may come loose unintentionally due to the airstream. This may result in serious accidents or damage to the machine.

„ Carry out the following measures to secure moving machine parts.

Checklist for the transport of the machine

ü All guards are properly closed and locked.

ü The universal shaft is secured.

ü The hydraulic hoses are secured on the machine against dropping.

ü Using a hoist with a minimum lifting capacity, the machine was lifted at the marked

suspension points, see Page 70 . The minimum load capacity depends on the permissible

total weight of the machine,

see Page 40 .

ü The machine is secured with suitable lashing material at the designated lashing points.

ü For "SMV emblem" version : The SMV emblem is covered or removed,

see Page 35 .

EasyCut B 970

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