Setting Overcut. Krone BA EasyCut B 970

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Setting Overcut 10.3


Setting Overcut






The overcut to the front mounted mower can be reduced/increased on right and left machine side via the outrigger arms (2).

Position I

Position II

Position III max. mowing width

Increase overcut by 7.5 cm (on each side)

Increase overcut by 15 cm (on each side)

ü The machine is connected to the tractor,

see Page 53 .

ü The machine is in the transport position,

see Page 62



The machine is shut down and safeguarded, see Page 25


WARNING! Crushing hazard caused by the outrigger arm (2) slipping out. The locking pin

(1) must be engaged properly in one of the positions (I, II or III).

„ Pull the locking pin (1) and move it into position I, II or III. Perform the same setting on the right and left sides of the machine.

„ Ensure that the locking pin (1) is engaged.

„ Ensure that the locking pin (1) is freely movable in the oblong hole (I, II or III).

Adjusting the relief spring(s)


Risk of injury due to incorrectly set relief spring(s)

If the threaded rod of the relief spring is screwed out too far, the compensation spring may tear off and the mower may lower unintentionally. People may be seriously injured or killed as a result.

„ Never unscrew the threaded spindles (2) of the relief springs (1) further than the dimension X = 80 mm.


Risk of injury due to adjustment of relief spring(s)

In the working position the relief spring(s) are subject to high drawing tension. In case an attempt is made to remove or adjust the relief spring(s) when the machine is in the working position, people may be seriously injured or killed.

„ The relief spring(s) must only be dismounted or adjusted in the transport position.

„ The bottom fittings on the relief spring(s) are fully screwed in.

EasyCut B 970

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