Maintenance – After the season. Krone BA EasyCut B 970

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Maintenance – After the season. Krone BA EasyCut B 970 | Manualzz

11 Maintenance - General Information


Maintenance table


Check/replace locking of the side guards

Tighten screws/nuts

see Page 75

see Page 79

Check guard cloths

see Page 85

Check the hydraulic hoses for leaks and, if necessary, have them replaced by a KRONE service partner.

see Page 88

Check the electrical connection cables and, if necessary, have them repaired or changed by a KRONE service partner

Checking/setting all the machine settings

see Page 71


Maintenance – After the season


Clean the machine

Lubricate the machine according to the lubrication chart

Lubricate the universal shaft

Release the springs

Grease the threads of the setting screws

Grease the uncoated piston rods of all hydraulic cylinders and insert as far as possible

Lightly coat with oil all those lever joints and bearing positions which cannot be lubricated

Touch up damaged paint and preserve uncoated areas with rust protection agent

Check that all moveable components move freely. If required, dismount, clean, grease and remount.

Park the machine in a weatherproof and dry location which is not in close proximity to corrosive substances

Move the machine every 2 months

see Page 86

see Page 101

see Page 100


Maintenance - Once after 50 hours

Changing oil

Input gearbox

Main gearbox

see Page 90

see Page 91


EasyCut B 970

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