CD-RW. Smartdisk Firewire CD-R/W

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Maintenance of your CD-Rs and CD-RWs


CD-RWs are recordable disks that can be recorded to multiple times (up to 1000 times). CD-RW disks are only read compatible with multi-read-capable CD-ROMs,

DVD-ROMs and CD-R/W drives.

Maintenance of your CD-Rs and CD-RWs

CD-R/RWs are more sensitive than commercially available CDs (CD-ROMs). Please follow the guidelines below:

Hold your CDs by placing your fingers along the outer edge of the CD.

To clean a CD, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. Use a straight line motion; do not use a circular motion.

To write a title on the CD, use only a solvent-free, non-abrasive marker.

Do not apply any conventional labels on the CD-R/RWs. The adhesive can degrade the CD. Use special labels for CD-R/RW media (available in retail computer stores).

Never remove a label from a CD-R/RW disk. You can damage the protective layer and make it unusable.

Keep your CDs in a jewel case or other storage device to prevent them from getting dirty or damaged.

SmartDisk FireWire CD-R/W User Guide



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