Important Acid Catalyst Information. Graco 332456D, Pump Expansion Kits, 25M268

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Important Acid Catalyst Information. Graco 332456D, Pump Expansion Kits, 25M268 | Manualzz

Important Acid Catalyst Information

Pump Expansion Kit 26A048 is designed for acid catalysts (“acid”) currently used in two-component, wood-finishing materials. Current acids in use (with pH levels as low as 1) are more corrosive than earlier acids. More corrosion-resistant wetted materials of construction are required, and must be used without substitution, to withstand the increased corrosive properties of these acids.

Acid is flammable, and spraying or dispensing acid creates potentially harmful mists, vapors, and atomized particulates. To help prevent fire and explosion and serious injury:

• Read and understand the acid manufacturer’s warnings and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to know specific hazards and precautions related to the acid.

• Use only genuine, manufacturer’s recommended acid-compatible parts in the catalyst system (hoses, fittings, etc). A reaction may occur between any substituted parts and the acid.

• To prevent inhalation of acid mists, vapors, and atomized particulates, everyone in the work area must wear appropriate respiratory protection. Always wear a properly fitting respirator, which may include a supplied-air respirator. Ventilate the work area according to instructions in the acid manufacturer’s SDS.

• Avoid all skin contact with acid. Everyone in the work area must wear chemically impermeable gloves, protective clothing, foot coverings, aprons, and face shields as recommended by the acid manufacturer and local regulatory authority. Follow all acid manufacturer recommendations, including those regarding handling of contaminated clothing. Wash hands and face before eating or drinking.

• Regularly inspect equipment for potential leaks and remove spills promptly and completely to avoid direct contact or inhalation of the acid and its vapors.

• Keep acid away from heat, sparks, and open flames. Do not smoke in the work area. Eliminate all ignition sources.

• Store acid in the original container in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and away from other chemicals in accordance with acid manufacturer’s recommendations. To avoid corrosion of containers, do not store acid in substitute containers. Reseal the original container to prevent vapors from contaminating the storage space and surrounding facility.

Acid catalysts can be sensitive to atmospheric moisture and other contaminants. It is recommended the catalyst pump and valve seal areas exposed to atmosphere are flooded with ISO oil, TSL, or other compatible material to prevent acid build-up and premature seal damage and failure.

Acid build-up will damage the valve seals and reduce the performance and life of the catalyst pump. To prevent exposing acid to moisture:

• Always use a sealed container with a desiccant dryer in the vent, or a nitrogen atmosphere.

Never store acids in an open container.

• Keep the catalyst pump and the valve seals filled with the appropriate lubricant. The lubricant creates a barrier between the acid and the atmosphere.

• Use only moisture-proof hoses compatible with acids.

• Always lubricate threaded parts with an appropriate lubricant when reassembling.

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