Pre-Operation Tasks. Graco 332562H, ProMix PD2K Electronic Proportioner

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Pre-Operation Tasks. Graco 332562H, ProMix PD2K Electronic Proportioner | Manualzz

Pre-Operation Tasks

Go through the Pre-Operation Checklist daily, before each use.

Verify all grounding connections

Installation manual.


Turn the AC Power Switch ON (I = ON, 0 = OFF).


The Graco logo will display while the system initializes, followed by the Home screen.


Press the Start key . The system status will change from “System Off” to “Startup.” Once the pumps are powered and are in the Home position, the system status will change from

“Startup” to “Standby.”

Verify all electrical, fluid, air, and system connections are tight and installed according to the Installation manual.

Check component A and B and solvent supply containers.

Check that dose valves are set

1–1/4 turns open. Start with the settings recommended in

Valve Settings, page 25

, then adjust as needed.

The recommended component A and

B fluid supply pressures are 1/2 to 2/3 of the target spray pressure.

be set within a range of ± 100 psi (0.7

MPa, 7 bar); high pressure systems may be set within a range of ± 300 psi

(2.1 MPa, 21 bar). If the inlet pressure is higher than the outlet pressure, ratio accuracy may be affected.

85-100 psi inlet air supply (0.6-0.7

MPa, 6-7 bar).

Figure 12 Power Switch


Change optional setup selections to desired parameters, as described in

Setup Mode Screens, page 39



Set recipe and flush information as described in

Recipe Screen, page 51


Flush Screen, page 54


24 332562H

Pre-Operation Tasks

The pump fluid section was tested with lightweight oil, which is left in the fluid passages to protect parts.

To avoid contaminating your fluid with oil, flush the equipment with a compatible solvent before using the equipment.

Dose valves and purge valves are factory set with the hex nut (E) 1-1/4 turns out from fully closed.

Figure 13 Valve Adjustment

332562H 25


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