Run Mode Screens. Graco 3A4486E, ProMix® PD2K Dual Fluid PanelElectric Proportioner for Automatic Spray Applications

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Run Mode Screens. Graco 3A4486E, ProMix® PD2K Dual Fluid PanelElectric Proportioner for Automatic Spray Applications | Manualzz

Run Mode Screens

grayed-out on the screens are not currently active.

At power up, the Graco logo will display for approximately 5 seconds, followed by the Home screen.

Figure 17 Opening Screen

The Home screen displays the current status of the system. The following table details the information shown. Only one of the two Mix Units is shown as active on the Home screen (regardless of the

Mix Unit’s status). The active Mix Unit’s pumps will appear highlighted. The other Mix Unit’s pumps will be muted with an arrow icon indicating the user must toggle mix units by pressing the Up/Down Arrow key.

To view pump flow rates and pressures

(as shown), select “Diagnostic Mode” on

System Screen 1, page 67

. The Status Bar (C), Error

Status (D), Solvent Gun (S), Gun Animation (T), and

Recipe Information (U) apply to the active Mix Unit.

Figure 18 Home Screen, in Mix Mode with

Diagnostics On

60 3A4486E

Run Mode Screens




Date and Time

Menu Bar

Status Bar*












Error Status*

Pump Animation and

Diagnostic Information

Pump Number (1–4)

Material (A or B)

Available Colors

Pump Inlet Color

Pump Flow Rate

Pump Outlet Color

Pump Outlet Pressure

Pump Indicator Light

• Clear = power off

• Yellow = standby

• Green = active

Solvent Flow Rate*


Advanced Screen 1, page 91

, to set.

Run Screens. Use left and right arrow keys to scroll through the different Run screens:

• Home (shown in Diagnostic Mode)

• Spray (see

Spray Screen, page 63 )

• Fill (see

Fill Screen, page 64

), available only if Manual Override is enabled on

System Screen 1, page 67 .

• Usage (see

Usage Screen, page 65 )

• Jobs (see

Jobs Screen, page 66 )

• Errors (see

Errors Screen, page 66 )

• Events (see

Events Screen, page 66 )

System Status: Displays the current mode of operation:

• Pump Off

• Standby

• Startup

• Mix (Dispense in 1K Mode)

• Mix Fill

• Purge

• Shutdown

Displays any active error code.

• Change Recipe

• Idle

• Prime Pump

• Calibrate

• Stall Test

• Maintenance Test

Shows solvent flow rate, if a solvent meter is attached.

3A4486E 61

Run Mode Screens

T Spray Device Animation* Shows mixed material in the spray device and displays active recipe at the spray device. Gun animation changes to show:

• •

(Mix Fill)


(Mix With Gun Triggered)

• (Solvent Standby)







Gun Not Triggered)

(Mix With

(Recipe Standby)

Active Recipe ( )*

Current Ratio ( ) (Not shown in 1K Mode.)*

Potlife Time Remaining ( )*

Total Volume for the Current

Job ( )*

Current Flow Rate ( )*

Current Pressure ( )*

* Applies specifically to the active Mix Unit on the display. To toggle between Mix Units, use the Up/Down arrows on the Navigation keypad ( ).

62 3A4486E

Run Mode Screens

PLC, the Spray Screen is display only. No changes can be made. This section provides information about the Spray Screen if Manual Override is enabled on

System Screen 1, page 67

. The screens show a system in Manual Override mode.

The Spray screen includes the following information for the selected Mix Unit:

• Active Recipe (can be changed on this screen)

• Target Ratio (not shown in 1K Mode)

• Actual Ratio (not shown in 1K Mode)

• Target Pressure (if Pressure Mode is selected on

System Screen 4) or Target Flow (if Flow Mode is selected). Target pressure or flow can be changed on this screen).

• Actual Pressure

• Actual Flow

• Potlife Remaining

• Gun Animation

In addition, the Spray screen includes four soft keys:

Press to put the system in


Press to spray mixed material.

Press to purge the gun.

Press to switch between Mix


When the system is configured for solvent push, the purge soft key changes to the solvent push soft key while in Mix mode.

Press to initiate solvent push.

Figure 20 Spray Screen, in Mix Mode

Figure 21 Spray Screen, in Idle Mode

Figure 22 Spray Screen, in Mix Mode, Solvent Push


Figure 19 Spray Screen, in Standby Mode

3A4486E 63

Run Mode Screens

is enabled on

System Screen 1, page 67 .

The Fill screen displays the following information for the pump assigned to the current color:

• Material. Select Color (A), Catalyst (B), or Solvent.

The pump animation at the top of the screen will show the selected material.

• Flush Line (only for systems with color change).

Select this box if you want to flush the specified material line. The system uses flush sequence 1.


To prime the pumps and fill the lines, first read

Prime and Fill the System, page 19 .


Press the Edit softkey for editing.


Select Color (A).

to open the screen


If the selected material is not already loaded, press the Prime softkey . The system will prime Color (A) into the selected pump through the selected color valve and out the outlet dump valve.


Press the Fill softkey . The system will attempt to fill the Color (A) lines until the user presses Stop container.

. Trigger the gun into a waste


Repeat for Catalyst (B).

Figure 24 Fill Screen, Solvent Selected

The pump pre-fill option is available for pumps that have color change, but only a single material (color or catalyst). The pre-fill option may be used for pumps that remain filled with material when the system was powered down.

Press the Pre-Fill softkey to “prime” the pump without flushing or expelling any material unnecessarily.

Figure 25 Fill Screen, Pre-Fill Option

Figure 23 Fill Screen, Color (A) Selected

64 3A4486E

Run Mode Screens

The first Usage screen displays the current job usage of component A, B, A+B, and solvent (S). The second Usage screen displays grand total usage of component A, B, A+B, and solvent (S). Edits may be made only if Manual Override is enabled on

System Screen 1, page 67

. The third Usage screen displays the total volume pumped for all available materials.

not shown.


Press the Edit softkey for editing.

to open the screen


To enter or change the User ID ( ), select the field to open the User ID Keyboard screen, and enter the desired name (10 characters maximum).


To log the current job for the appropriate Mix Unit, press the corresponding Job Complete softkey, or . This will clear the current usage fields and increment to the next job number.

The Grand Totals cannot be cleared. See the

Jobs Screen, page 66

, to review past jobs.


Press the Edit softkey to close the screen.

Figure 28 User ID Keyboard Screen

Figure 29 Usage Grand Total

Figure 26 Usage Screen

Figure 30 Usage Log

Figure 27 Usage Screen, 1K Mode

3A4486E 65

Run Mode Screens

The Jobs screen displays the 200 most recent job numbers, recipes, Mix Unit, and A+B volumes in a log, with date, time, and User ID.

Figure 33 Errors Screen, Edit Mode

Figure 31 Jobs Screen

The Events screen displays the 200 most recent

Event Codes in a log, with date, time, and description.

The Errors screen displays the 200 most recent Error

Codes in a log, with date, time, and description.

Additional information is available for system errors to assist with troubleshooting. To access this information for a system error that has occurred, first press to enter edit mode; the first error will be highlighted. Using the Up and Down arrow keys, navigate to the desired error code, press again


System Errors, page 98

, for more information on the troubleshooting information screens).

Figure 34 Events Screen

Figure 32 Errors Screen

66 3A4486E


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