Installation. Graco 3A5379B, Electric Supply System for Sealants and Adhesives

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Installation. Graco 3A5379B, Electric Supply System for Sealants and Adhesives | Manualzz




All electrical wiring must be done by a qualified elec trician and comply with all local codes and regula tions.

General Information

Accessories are available from Graco. Make certain all accessories are adequately sized and pressure-rated to meet the system’s requirements.

NOTE: Platens are not provided with the Electric Supply

Systems and must be purchased separately. See

Platen Options on page 47 for compatible platen infor mation.

F IG . 1 is only a guide for selecting and installing system components and accessories. Contact your Graco dis tributor for assistance in designing a system to suit your particular needs.

The equipment must be grounded to reduce the risk of static sparking and electric shock. Electric or static sparking can cause fumes to ignite or explode.

Improper grounding can cause electric shock.

Grounding provides an escape wire for the electric current.

Electric Pump: The system is grounded through the power cord.

NOTE: The grounding lug locknut (GL) can be used for additional grounding connections such as in spray appli cations where a ground cable could be connected between the electric driver and a metal bucket when flushing a gun into the bucket.



Always lift the supply system at the proper lift locations

(see F IG . 1). Do not lift in any other way. Failure to lift at the proper lift locations can result in damage to the supply system.

Attach a lifting sling at the proper lift spots. Lift off the pallet using a crane or a forklift.

Position the ram so the driver and air controls are easily accessible. Ensure that there is enough space overhead for the ram to raise fully. (See Dimensions, page 49.)

Using the holes in the ram base as a guide, drill holes for 1/2 in. (13 mm) anchors.

Ensure that the ram base is level in all directions. If nec essary, level the base using metal shims. Secure the base to the floor using 1/2 in. (13 mm) anchors that are long enough to prevent the ram from tipping.



F IG . 3

Air and fluid hoses: use only electrically conductive hoses with a maximum of 500 ft. (150 m) combined hose length to ensure grounding continuity. Check the electrical resistance of the hoses. If the total resistance to ground exceeds 29 megohms, replace the hose immediately.

Air compressor: follow manufacturer’s recommenda tions.

Spray gun/dispense valve: ground through connection to a properly grounded fluid hose and pump.

Driver: The driver is grounded through the power cord.

Fluid supply container: follow local code.

Object being sprayed: follow local code.

Solvent pails used when flushing: follow local code.

Use only conductive metal pails, placed on a grounded surface. Do not place the pail on a non-conductive sur face, such as paper or cardboard, which interrupts the grounding continuity.



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