Power Supply. Graco 3A5379B, Electric Supply System for Sealants and Adhesives

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Power Supply. Graco 3A5379B, Electric Supply System for Sealants and Adhesives | Manualzz


To maintain grounding continuity when flushing or relieving pressure: hold a metal part of the dispense valve firmly to the side of a grounded metal pail, then trigger the valve.

Connect Power


To avoid equipment damage, route and secure a power cord that is long enough to allow the full range of movement for the ram.

2. Remove the two screws and washers to separate the junction box cover (BA) and disconnect switch

(K) from the junction box (BC) on the electrical driver.

Power Supply

See Table 1 for power supply requirements. The system requires a dedicated circuit protected with a circuit breaker.

Table 1: Power Supply Specifications

Voltage Phase Hz Current

200-240 VAC 1 50/60 20 A

Select the minimum cord wire gauge based on length according to the table below:


50 ft (15.24 m)

100 ft (30.48 m)

200 ft (60.96 m)

300 ft (91.44 m)


12 AWG

10 AWG


4 AWG mm






Power Disconnect Switch

A power disconnect switch must be installed within easy reach of the equipment. This switch must shut off and lock-out all electric power to the system.



F IG . 5: Remove Junction Box Cover

NOTE: Inside the junction box, fan and power wires are connected to terminals 1L1 and 5L3 on the disconnect block. Refer to F IG . 6 for the terminal locations. Two wires are connected to each terminal and the fan ground wire is connected to the ground terminal as shown in

F IG . 5.







1. Cut power cord wires to the following lengths:

• Ground wire - 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)

• Power wires - 3.0 inches (7.6 cm)

• Add ferrules as necessary. See F IG . 4.






F IG . 6: Terminal Connections

3. Press the junction box gasket tightly against the back of the junction box cover to ease installation of the power cord.


F IG . 4: Power Cord

10 3A5379B


4. Insert the power cord through the cord grip and into the junction box.

9. Tighten the cord grip to securely hold the power cord in the junction box.

Cord Grip

For clarity, tan wires and other power wires not shown

F IG . 7: Connect Power

5. Attach the ground wire to the ground terminal inside the junction box as shown in F IG . 7.

6. Refer to F IG . 6 and connect the wires from the power cord into terminals 2T1 and 6T3.

NOTE: Do not attach the ground wire to the grounding lug locknut on the outside of the electric driver. Located below the fan wiring cord grip, the grounding lug locknut is used for grounding the pump lower. See Grounding on page 9.

7. Place the fan wires and other power wires into the open area on either side of the disconnect block

(BD) as space permits.

8. Reinstall the junction box cover and disconnect switch (K) using the two screws and washers removed in step 2.


Make sure all wires are routed correctly before instal lation. If wires get pinched when the screws are tight ened, damage will occur.

F IG . 8: Tighten Cord Grip

Install Vented Oil Cap Before

Using Equipment.

The driver gear-box is shipped from the factory pre-filled with oil. The temporary unvented cap (PX) prevents oil leaks during shipment. This temporary cap must be replaced with the vented oil cap (P), supplied with the equipment, before use.

NOTE: Prior to use, check oil level. Oil level should be half way up the sight glass.


PX ti31010a

F IG . 9: Unvented and Vented Oil Caps

3A5379B 11


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