Supply System Operation. Graco 3A5379B, Electric Supply System for Sealants and Adhesives

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Supply System Operation. Graco 3A5379B, Electric Supply System for Sealants and Adhesives | Manualzz

Supply System Operation

Supply System Operation

Pressure Relief Procedure

Follow the Pressure Relief Procedure whenever you see this symbol.

8. Open the fluid line drain valve and the pump bleed valve (P). Have a container ready to catch the drain age.

9. Leave the pump bleeder valve (P) open until ready to spray again.

If you suspect that the spray tip/nozzle or hose is com pletely clogged, or that pressure has not been fully relieved after following the steps above, very slowly loosen the tip guard retaining nut or hose end coupling and relieve pressure gradually, then loosen completely.

Now clear the tip/nozzle or hose.

Flush Before Using Equipment

The pump was tested with lightweight oil, which is left in the fluid passages to protect parts. To avoid contaminat ing fluid with oil, flush the pump with a compatible sol vent before use. See the pump manual for flushing directions.

This equipment stays pressurized until pressure is manually relieved. To help prevent serious injury from pressurized fluid, such as skin injection, splashing fluid and moving parts, follow the Pressure Relief Pro cedure when you stop spraying and before cleaning, checking, or servicing the equipment.

1. Lock the gun/valve trigger.

2. Pull the driver pressure adjustment knob (AK) out and turn counterclockwise until it stops. Push the knob in to lock.

3. Turn the driver disconnect switch (K) OFF.

4. See F IG . 2, page 8.

a. Close the main air slider valve (AA).

b. Set the ram director valve (AC) to DOWN. The ram will slowly drop.

c. Jog the ram director valve up and down to bleed air from the ram cylinders.

5. Unlock the gun/valve trigger.

6. Hold a metal part of the gun/valve firmly to the side of a grounded metal pail, and trigger the gun/valve to relieve pressure.

7. Lock the gun/valve trigger.

Start and Adjust Ram

1. Raise ram: Open the main air slider valve (AA) and set the ram air regulator (AB) to 40 psi (0.28 MPa,

2.8 bar). Set the ram director valve handle (AC) to

UP and let the ram rise to its full height.

2. Lubricate the platen seals (D) with grease or other lubricant compatible with the fluid you will pump.

3. Put a full drum on the ram base and center it under the platen (D).

4. Remove the drum cover and smooth the surface of the fluid with a straightedge. To prevent air from being trapped under the platen, scoop fluid from the center of the pail to the sides, to make the surface concave.

5. Adjust the pail to be sure it is aligned with the platen, and remove the bleed stick (BS) to open the platen bleed port (J).

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